Review: Affordable Sushi From RM2.80 Per Plate @ Sushi Mentai IOI Boulevard, Puchong

There are times when I crave a Japanese meal, but feel like I can’t afford to splurge on an ‘atas’ (expensive) place. (This typically occurs at the end of the month. lmao).

When that happens, I head to Sushi Mentai @ IOI Boulevard in Puchong – a cheap, fast sushi joint that offers decent sushi at a fraction of the price you’d normally have to pay at regular Japanese restos.


Weekend evenings are particularly crowded, so come early to beat the queue. Otherwise, be prepared to wait for a fair bit. This isn’t the kind of place you sit in and chat for hours though – it’s pop in, eat, and pop out again. The set up is pretty basic and the space is cramped to accommodate as many seats as possible. Service wise, the waiters are attentive enough but don’t expect 5-star table service, of course.


There is a good selection of sushi items at RM2.80 per plate – way cheaper than the usual price of RM5 – 8 at other outlets. Depending on what you order, you either get one or two pieces (eg the more expensive salmon cuts only come in one portion, as does the tempura shrimp sushi, etc.). Taste wise, it is pretty decent, considering the low price point.


One of the must-tries here in my opinion is the inari with tempura shrimp. Each plate comes with one piece only, but this is the most addictive shit you’ll ever come across. The shrimp is sizable and not just from the batter, it’s crispy, and there are fried flour bits thrown into the sweet inari as well to lend it texture. Couple it with the sushi rice underneath and a smattering of Jap mayo and salty fish roe on top, and you have a recipe for success. I can eat 5 of these in one go lol.


Other RM2.80 items. Due to space constraints, the waiters pile the sushi onto the same plate – not very visually appetising but this ain’t a Michelin-star resto yo.

(From top left) Salmon with mayo, inari with crab meat stick, and tamago with mentaiko. The flavours were a bit heavy handed, but the sushi was still tasty enough.


Chuuka idaako (marinated baby octopus in a sweet sauce) and jellyfish. For some reason the jellyfish was way. too. salty. Felt like I was eating something swimming in salt water. This was the only disappointment of the night.


Last but not least, the soft shell crab temaki. Again, the flavours were stronger (they used a type of soy sauce glaze which was very sweet) so if you’re looking for something delicate and refined, this might not be the place for you. What you do get here is cheap, fuss-free sushi at a cheap price.

Our meal, inclusive of green tea for two, came up to RM35. 

Aside from sushi, they offer rice (bento, tonkatsu, etc.) and noodle (ramen, udon, soba) dishes as well.


F-G-18, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5,

Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours: 12PM – 9.30PM (weekdays), 11.30AM – 10PM (weekends)

Phone:  +60 16-230 8270 

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