Mother’s Day Celebration @ Qian Xi Lou, Bandar Puteri Puchong

I’ve blogged about Qian Xi Lou Restaurant before, a fuss-free Chinese restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong that serves decent dai chow and other Chinese-style dishes at value-for-money prices. We decided to have lunch here on Mother’s Day, this time trying other items on the menu – and they did not disappoint!

Photo of interior from my previous post back in 2022. Didn’t take a new one coz it still looks the same.

We were the only ones at the restaurant during our visit; perhaps because most people had already made plans for dinner rather than lunch (Bro had a weekend class he needed to attend, which is why we bumped our makan sesh to the afternoon). Service was fast and efficient. We ordered a soup, and one dish each of meat, chicken, and seafood.

The soup was a hearty, belly-warming concoction comprised of chicken broth, sliced mushrooms, carrots, and faux crab meat, with a slightly starchy consistency, similar to egg drop soup. There’s something inherently nostalgic about this style of soup; it reminds me of Chinese wedding dinners in jao laos.

Next came the poached chicken in soy sauce. The chicken is the kampung variety ie not raised in a poultry farm, so it has slightly tougher, leaner meat. The texture was still very smooth and tender, though. My parents prefer the one from Kong Sai Zai, but I like this one better as it has more chew. The dish came served with ginger and scallion oil for a spicy kick.

Another meat dish we got was the deep fried pork ribs, done in two styles. The ribs were meaty and chewy; one done in a savoury Marmite-like sauce and the other in a sweet and creamy Thousand Island sauce. Both were good, although I prefer the latter flavour.

The star of the meal was the steamed seafood platter, which was kept warm over a small gas stove. It contained a butterflied fish (calculated by weight), gigantic river prawns, a generous amount of squid, as well as clams and huge scallops. Everything tasted fresh, and the mild broth it was served in had a nice hint of garlic, ginger, and rice wine, which brought out the natural sweetness of the seafood even more. I especially liked the shrimps, as they were juicy and sweet, as well as the scallops, which were humongous and came with sacs of bright orange roe attached.

Be prepared to shell out (pun intended) some money for the platter – ours was priced at over RM300. To be fair, seafood is very expensive these days, and I think they give you your money’s worth, what with the size + portions of the shrimp and scallops.

Our meal for five plus rice and drinks came up to RM480, which the Bro and I split so we could treat our parents.

Well satisfied with everything we tried at Qian Xi Lou so far, including from our first trip. Definitely see myself and the fam coming back here for occasional family dinners. Portions are hefty, prices are reasonable, and food is fresh and cooked well.


21, Jalan Puteri 7/9, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Open daily : 11AM – 10PM

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