Hokkaido Gantetsu Ramen, 1 Utama

On some weeknights, I wait for the Hubs to finish work (he gets off pretty late) so we can drive home together and he doesn’t have to take the train. With 3.5 hours to kill, this is my ‘me time’ to wander around a mall, catch Pokemon, shoot things up at the arcade, or read on a bench. It also means plenty of opportunities to try out different food!

Gantetsu at 1 Utama Shopping Center is a Hokkaido-style ramen restaurant I tried on one of these solo nights out. They were previously located within ISETAN, but shifted to a new spot after the department store closed.

Entering the space, I was greeted by lots of wood and cheerful festive touches for Christmas. It was quite empty during my visit, so the food came very fast.

Gantetsu specializes in Hokkaido-style ramen, so expect signatures such as Miso Ramen with Butter and Corn (two famous Hokkaido specialties) and Chashu Tonkotsu (ramen with a pork bone broth base). I opted for the latter, and added RM6 for a drink and a side of chicken karaage.

While not the best ramen I’ve ever had, Gantetsu’s version has some pretty strong points. The broth is not as salty as those served in other ramen joints, but has a stronger pork flavour so if you like a hearty soup, this should be right up your alley. I also like that they serve not one, but two humongous slices of pork. These aren’t your sad, thin slices that you often see at a lot of ramen places that want to cut cost – they are thick, juicy, and satisfying to the bite. The noodles are decent enough, but a little on the soft side.

Also commendable is the chicken karaage, deep fried to golden brown perfection with a thin, crispy batter on the outside, whilst being moist and juicy on the inside. Instead of the usual Japanese mayonnaise, the ones here come with an extra side of Worcestershire sauce (apparently this is a thing in Hokkaido); a powerful umami pairing to the tender chicken meat.

Gantetsu is a decent place for ramen if you like fast service, good food, and less crowds. Prices are average for an establishment of its kind, ranging around RM20++ to RM30++ for their noodles.


LG608, 1Utama Shopping Center,  1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone: 03-7733 6228

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