Bask Bear Coffee, Taman Puchong Prima

Here’s a short and sweet post!

Bask Bear Coffee is a homegrown tea and coffee chain that has been popping up everywhere recently. The chain differentiates itself from the slew of other beverage companies with a fun orange colour scheme and an adorable Malayan sun bear as a mascot.

Their specialties include drinks made from Aren palm sugar, which is touted as a healthier subsitute to regular sugar. Another thing that’s different about Bask Bear Coffee is that unlike chains that purely sell beverages, they also offer sandwiches and meals such as mac and cheese, and rendang ayam rice bowl.

Oh, another thing that makes them different – they open pretty early, around 7.45 to 8 am. Here I am popping into their Puchong Prima outlet for a takeaway breakfast around 8-ish.

Got their Aren Japanese Nishio Macha and a Single Hash Brown Toast. Their items are quite affordably priced. The drink was nice, with a strong matcha flavour balancing out the deep, caramel-like notes of the palm sugar, but I wouldn’t call it astounding or anything. Just a nice drink.

What I really enjoyed, though, was the Hash Brown Toast. I was expecting a sad, flat piece of toast with ingredients spilling all over the place, but it was made surprisingly well. Compact, packed so that it was easy to eat, and chock full of ingredients. The omelette was soft and fluffy, which lent great contrast to the crispy deep-fried hash brown as well as the toasted bread pieces. Drizzled over the top was a smattering of mayo and cheese, which lent it a burst of flavour but did not overwhelm the overall sandwich. Some fresh greens and tomatoes in between helped to cut through the greasiness.

If you’re passing by a Bask Bear in the morning, grab a drink and a toasted sandwich for breakfast!

Bask Bear locations here.

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