Moge Tee, PFCC Puchong

Update: A week after I posted this, the outlet closed. Guess I jinxed it lol.

You know how certain locations seem to be jinxed? Some people call it bad juju; in Chinese we call it bad fengshui. Think a business that can’t seem to prosper despite being in a high traffic area, or a shop that people always bypass, even though the adjacent ones do just fine.


This corner lot at PFCC Puchong seems to be one of those locations. It was previously home to a cafe called Miss Paris and Toast; then another cafe. Both shuttered. Now Moge Tee, an established tea and snack chain known for its pancake souffles, has taken up residence – and while I’m hopeful it’ll break the ‘chain’, I’m not too optimistic, judging from how quiet it was on a Friday evening, when S and I came by.


I tried Moge Tee’s pancake souffle at their SS2 outlet before, and it was among the best ones I have tasted, thanks to the addition of cheese, which gave it a nice balance between sweet and salty. Didn’t order the souffle this time though; went for the Mango Milk instead, while S had the Oolong Tea with cheese.

While Moge Tee also serves the usual bubble milk tea, they are better known for their range of fruit teas. The Mango Milk I had was okay, not too sweet, but the mango puree was quite stringy and fibrous. S’s Oolong tea with cheese was decent too but I wouldn’t say it was outstanding.


Our snack of fried chicken took a long time to arrive. Avoid this if you’re planning to come here; the chicken had a texture like cardboard. Any random Alisan stall from a night market would have been better than this.


G-06,Ground Floor Tower 4 & 5@PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Starbucks Malaysia Launches New Winter Menu – And It’s All About That Tea

It may be summer all year-round in Malaysia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sip on some cool beverages and imagine we’re somewhere nice and frosty (while we melt in the blazing heat)!

Enter Starbucks’ latest winter offerings – The Pure Matcha series – which is inspired by Japanese tea culture. Made from premium micro-ground matcha sourced from first-harvest green tea leaves grown in Japan, there is an emphasis on preparation of ingredients and balance of flavours, to produce a cup of pure green tea goodness. Expect a subtly sweet aftertaste, fresh green notes and a silky finish – perfect for tea lovers!

Winter Beverages 1

Marrying three distinctive flavours from Japanese cuisine is the Black Sesame Pure Matcha Latte with Taro Foam. Fun, indulgent and colourful, the beverage blends Starbucks pure matcha with a velvety black sesame sauce, topped with a frothy layer of aromatic purple taro foam – for a nutty, earthy and rich flavour explosion.

The Caramel Pure Matcha Chocolate Chip Frappuccino will appeal to fans of kakigori, as it was inspired by the Japanese shaved ice dessert. Pairing matcha with chocolate and caramel, no-sugar green tea powder is blended with milk, bits of chocolatey java chips, before being topped with whipped cream and a decadent drizzle of caramel sauce.

Winter Beverages 2

Another one to try is the Okinawa Brown Sugar Latte, a comforting and indulgent seasonal favourite. A signature of the Okinawa region in Japan, Okinawa brown sugar has a deep and complex flavour that lends a hint of mellow sweetness to Starbucks’ signature espresso. The drink is then topped with an airy milk foam and swirl of brown sugar drizzle.

Coffee lovers are not left out, as the brand’s latest Winter Coffee Beans, produced in the volcanic Atitlan region in Latin America are used for the the Starbucks Guatemala Atitlan – carrying a bright citrus acidity, elegant aromas of orange blossom, and deep notes of sweet caramel and milk chocolate.

Starbucks® Zodiac Rat Mug

To usher in spring and the Lunar New Year, there will be Starbucks exclusive Year of the Rat merchandise, with cute, rat-inspired mugs, tumblers, water bottles, cold cups and an adorable Rat Bearista Bear. Food offerings also abound, with items such as the spicy and creamy Baked Tuna Pasta, Apple Multiseed Bread, Orange Muffin with Cranberry and Cream Cheese, Classic Walnut Cookies and Golden Treasure Cupcake.

Starbucks® Zodiac Rat Bank

Starbucks® Bearista Bear Rat

All of the above offerings are available at all Starbucks Malaysia stores from 7 January 2020 for a limited time only.


*Photos courtesy of Starbucks Malaysia and GO Communications



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Suzukien X Nanaya @ Asakusa, Tokyo – The World’s Strongest Matcha Ice-Cream

What do you get when you marry a venerable tea house with over 150 years of history, with a popular confectionery chain? If your answer is the world’s most intensely flavoured matcha ice cream, then you’d be right.


Suzukien, located in the Asakusa neighbourhood of Tokyo (just across the road from Sensoji Temple), prides itself in serving Premium No.7, aka a gelato so packed with the flavours of matcha, your tastebuds will do a stop, drop and roll.



There are seven ‘degrees’ of matcha flavoured gelato served here, each more intense than the last. You can tell by the colouration itself, with the no.7 boasting a rich, almost dark green hue. The store can get pretty crowded, but they do have a small space at the back where you can indulge in your ice cream for a bit (standing room only).


I was a little apprehensive to go all the way, so I picked something in between – probably a 2 or a 3. The matcha flavour was pretty pronounced, but mildly sweet, cool and refreshing – perfect for the summer heat.


Aside from ice cream, you can find a variety of matcha products and tea souvenirs for sale here.

Suzukien @ Asakusa

3 Chome-4-3 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan

Opening hours: 10AM – 5PM (daily)


Teatime@Cha Tra Mue, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

I don’t usually like going out on my days off because I just want to be a hermit, but last Saturday (one of the rare occasions where I actually had a weekend off!) I decided to get out of my shell and hang out with C.

After walking around for a bit, we stopped by for tea at a small cafe/kiosk called Cha Tra Mue, which specialises in Thai tea. Apparently it is a popular brand in Thailand ‘Since 1945’ as it’s signage says.


Small, open-concept space with wooden chairs and tables as well as some cosy couches. They have limited items on their menu and only serve drinks, so if you want a nibble I suggest you go to Just Pie next door.

I like how they’ve fitted cabinets in their counter to maximise on the small shop space. Rows and rows of tea boxes are kept in cabinets, which were also for sale.


I think the machine broke down or something because they took a good 15 minutes to prepare two cups of tea. I ordered their signature Thai Milk Tea (Cha-Yen), which comes in hot and iced versions. The ‘hot’ portion was crazy small imo.

I have never tried Thai Milk Tea before, so when I lifted the lid I was surprised to see that it was a distinctive tone of orange and not a light, milky brown (it’s not very visible in the above pic but I can assure you it looks like they put colouring in it) Cha-Yen is made from strongly brewed black tea added with orange blossom water, star anise, crushed tamarind seeds and orange food colouring (hence the colour). It tastes similar to our local teh tarik but sweeter as they add sugar and condensed milk.  You can also taste a slight hint of the spices. I wouldn’t recommend it for diabetics, because the stuff is really sweet. I kind of like it though.

Carmen had a hot Lemon Tea, which was okay. They also serve drinks like Assam Black Tea, Thai black coffee, Oolong tea and milk green tea.


Not hard to miss kiosk cafe, since it sits in the middle of the shopping mall just opposite the ice-skating rink.


Teas that you can buy and make at home.

Cha Tra Mue Number One Brand Original Thai Tea Since 1945

F-K-8B, First Floor, IOI City Mall, Lebuh IRO, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Sepang, Selangor.

Business Hours: 10AM-10PM

Fancy Tea Time @ TWG Tea, Sunway Pyramid

Lovely weather we’re having today, innit?

I’m sorry – when someone mentions tea, I like to whip out my annoying, posh accent. Ha 😀


It was a nice afternoon, so Mi and I stopped by for tea at this posh tea place called TWG at Sunway Pyramid.  It’s a small open cafe in the middle of the concourse area, cordoned off by glass walls. The waiters were all dressed up like butlers in white button up shirts and black pants. A large tea selection lined the walls, and little golden tea pots sat on the shelves. The display cases had colourful yummy macarons and cakes just screaming to be eaten.


Priding themselves as ‘the finest luxury tea brand in the world’, TWG offers well over 1,000 single-estate, fine harvest teas and exclusive blends.





Tea-related items like this ornately carved teapot were on display in glass cases around the cafe.


Some of the different teas available. There were tea leaves from all over the world, be it Western or Asian tea, like Pu-Erh or Tieguanyin. You can also buy nicely packaged ones to take home.

SAM_1228-tile SAM_1231-tile SAM_1232-tile


We ordered the Darjeeling set at RM30 which came with two scones + jam and cream. The pot of tea costs RM19 each, and was only good for three, shallow cups. 😡 The tea was aromatic and fragrant, but not much different from the sachet ones I usually drink at home. Maybe I just don’t have the tongue of a tea connoisseur.



The scones were nice: Crumbly and not too doughy.


They also have breakfast and brunch, but be prepared to fork out some money. If you feel like splurging on having tea in a classy environment, then head on down to TWG. They also have branches in Pavilion KL, KLIA and The Gardenz, Mid Valley.

TWG Tea at Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, LG1 Concourse, LG1.33A,

No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,

Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya,

Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: + 60 3 5621 2899
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 10am – 10pm