Piccoli Lotti, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Piccoli Lotti is a labour of love.

The local artisanal gelato brand, which first opened along a quiet row of shops in Damansara Kim, was founded by Chong Nge Seng, who switched from a career in consulting, finance, and marketing, to venture into making desserts. In an interview with Options, The Edge, Chong describes how he sought to fill a gap in the local market for quality gelato made with fresh, local ingredients – going as far as Bologna in Italy to learn how to make these delectable frozen treats. The name Piccoli Lotti, in fact, means “small batches” in Italian, which is just how Chong and his team makes them.

Since then, Piccoli Lotti has opened several new branches, one of which is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The Hubs and I came across the shop when we were walking around after breakfast, and decided to satisfy our sweet tooth.


It was early, so we had the whole place to ourselves! The cafe is very Instagrammable, with Scandinavian/Japanese aesthetic featuring clean, minimalist lines, white walls, and light-coloured wooden furniture.


We made a beeline for the gelato counter. There were 18 types of gelato and sorbets to choose from during our visit; I believe they rotate these on a regular basis. There were, of course, classics like Belgian Chocolate, Caramel Cookies, and Hazelnut – but also fruity flavours like yuzu and mango, as well as creative “localized” ones like Pulut Tai Tai (a Nyonya dessert of glutinous rice with butterfly pea flowers that is usually served with kaya), Durian, and Pink Guava Asam Boi.

A single scoop goes for RM8.70. You can also make it a full-on dessert with waffles, pair your gelato with coffee, or get takeaway tubs.

The Hubs had the Forest Berry Crumble. If you like berry flavours, this should be right up your alley. It’s creamy but not overpowering, and the sourness from the berries balances it out well.

I was intrigued by the Chrysanthemum with Cocoa Nibs, as I have never come across such a gelato flavour before. It was sweet and milky, but I could taste the subtle fragrance of chrysanthemum, while the cocoa nibs gave it an interesting texture and another layer of depth.

PS: The scoop here is huge by the way. Well worth the price!


While I enjoyed Piccoli Lotti, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the other local gelato/ice-cream brand, Inside Scoop. I think they’re both unique, since the flavours they offer are different – but taste-wise, I think Inside Scoop still wins in my book. It’s not to say that Piccoli Lotti isn’t good, but based on what we tried, their flavours seem to be a bit more subtle, whereas Inside Scoop tends to have stronger, creamier flavours, which I prefer.

Either way, this is great news for Puchong-ites: because we now have MORE options for gelato. And no one ever says no to gelato.


16, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 12PM – 10PM (daily)

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Bistro Monologue, Bandar Bukit Puchong

In Puchong, you’ll find most of the hip cafes clustered within the commercial areas of Bandar Puteri Puchong and Puchong Jaya. So I was surprised when I came across Bistro Monologue in Bandar Bukit Puchong, surrounded by car workshops, kopitiams, hardware stores, delivery centres, and the like. This unassuming spot has apparently been around for some time now, specializing in fusion (Asian and Western) cuisine.

Bistro Monologue is sandwiched between a COWAY service centre and an office/warehouse selling straps. They had the door propped open during our visit because the air conditioning was down.

The interior looks classy and cozy, with lots of wood and warm, ambient lighting. Tasteful art pieces adorn one side of the wall, and there is a small stage area at the back for weekend performances. It wasn’t too busy during our visit, and we were attended to quickly.

You can come here for tea time as they offer a good selection of cakes and desserts. A selection of cakes and desserts.

The menu is pretty extensive, so you can take your pick from rice dishes (roast pork nasi lemak), pasta, burgers, pizza, and breakfast items (croissants, ciabattas).


Since the Hubs and I had a late breakfast, we opted for a few lighter dishes. I got the Soup of the Day (Mushroom – RM6.90), which came with a slice of buttered, toasted bread. I enjoyed the soup as it was creamy but not cloying, and had a good balance of flavours. I also liked the fact that it tasted like actual mushroom soup, with bits of chopped mushroom in it, instead of the ‘instant’ type a lot of establishments serve.


Their signature Raisin Pork roulade was not available, so we ordered a side dish of roast pork (RM9.90) to fulfill our pork quota lol. The version here reminds me of the pork served in European bistros; the skin is not super crunchy, it has a bit of chew to it, and a very strong odour. This might not be for everyone, especially if you’re not keen on gamey, meaty flavours. I still think it’s pretty good, though!


The Hubs had a 9-inch Mushroom Pesto Pizza (RM15.90), which came topped with pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms, with a layer of melted cheese.

To be perfectly honest – I don’t think the crust tasted like pizza at all; more like a crunchy dry bread or cracker. Again, I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it just didn’t taste like regular pizza, lol.

We enjoyed our light lunch at Bistro Monologue. While I wouldn’t call the food mind blowing, everything tastes fresh and homemade, service is friendly, and the environment is cozy. Prices are slightly above average, though, so probably not a lunch spot I’d go to often.

View the menu here:


16, Jln BP 7/11, Bandar Bukit, 47120 Puchong, Selangor.

Phone: 012-988 3669

Opening hours: (Sun-Weds) 8.30AM – 9PM, (Thurs – Sat) 8.30AM – 11.30PM

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Rolling Daruma x Olfactory Bulb, Kota Damansara

If you like creative Japanese cuisine, alcoholic desserts, and inventive cocktails, Rolling Daruma x Olfactory Bulb hits all the right spots, served in a cozy setting ideal for intimate get-togethers. The Hubs and I stumbled on this place purely by chance: we were hunting for dinner around Kota Damansara and saw their menu on the sidewalk; our interest piqued by offerings of Japanese tapas, donburis, and ramen.


Two red darumas greet visitors at the entrance, where the bar is. The space is mostly black and grey, with warm lights and concrete accents, giving it an industrial look. I especially like the decorative cracks on the wall, which are varnished to create a glossy look.

The menu is pretty extensive, but since we were not very hungry, the Hubs and I decided to share a main, a Japas (japanese tapas), and a drink.


Our choice of Japas was Bourbon-Peach Pulled Pork on Deep-Fried Mantou Bun (RM16), featuring pork shoulder loin, slow cooked til tender for eight hours in balsamic vinegar and peach and bourbon sauce. The taste of the bourbon is mild, but it lends a rich depth to the soft, melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork. The fried mantou is crisp on the edges and soft on the inside, so you have a nice medley of flavours and textures.


We also got their signature Gyoza Ramen in Sake Pork Bone Broth (RM24). I was expecting the gyoza to be served on the side and was surprised to find them swimming in the soup, which also came with egg, a smattering of seaweed, corn, and spring onions. Some ramen dishes come with rich soup; this was mild but still flavourful, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. The noodles were too soft for my liking, but otherwise this was a decent bowl of ramen.



No libations for me, but the resto serves plenty of non-alcoholic drinks too such as mocktails and shakes. We got a Salty Yuzie-San (RM16), a refreshing mix of lemon, kaffir lime leaves and yuzu sauce balanced with pandan syrup, brown sugar, and soda water. Perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day, or just to cut through any greasiness from the food.

Service was friendly with most of the servers, but the one assigned to our table was probably having a bad day because he looked tired and sounded disinterested when taking our orders, and seemed to heave a visible sigh when we requested for an extra bowl. I hope you have a better day, man!

There are still many things we have yet to try at Rolling Daruma x Olfactory Bulb; and I’d like to make a return visit when I’m in the neighbourhood again to try their other items – reviews seem to be stellar for their desserts and coffee.


15-2, Jalan PJU 5/13 Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya 47810, Selangor

Phone: 03-61511108

Open: Wed-Fri (5.30PM – 11.30PM), Sat-Sun (11.30AM – 11.30PM). Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Coffee Spot: Cornerstone Cafe @ Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong

Hey, everyone! We’re well into the first week of 2022 – how has the new year been for you so far? It has been pretty busy for me, what with the Hubs finally coming to Malaysia after 22 months of us being apart, me starting a new job, preparing to apply for the Hub’s spouse visa, etc.

I have a tonne of posts rolled over from last year still pending in drafts, but in the meantime, here’s one from when I went to buy lunch recently at Taman Meranti Jaya, Puchong. Whenever I’m craving for Ipoh-style Chicken Hor Fun, I usually pay a visit to Wai Wai kopitiam (this warrants a separate post!). I haven’t been this way for some time now, and I noticed a new canopy set up around the corner – which turned out to be a ‘cafe’!


Run by a young man named Jeshua, Cornerstone Cafe has apparently been open for several months now – serving handcrafted coffees, teas, and lemonades, as well as cookies and snacks. The setup is simple, so you can only get your orders to go, but service is warm and friendly, as befitting a neighbourhood coffee joint.


There aren’t any cafes serving coffee in this neighbourhood – unless you count kopi o from kopitiams and instant coffee from convenience stores – so it’s nice to see one serving ‘fancier’ items like lattes and cappuccinos. Prices are also extremely reasonable, given the quality, which is on par with what you get from proper cafes in Puchong Jaya or Bandar Puteri Puchong.


Homemade cookies and the trending item that everyone’s into these days – dalgona candy.



The cafe is open from Tuesdays to Fridays, and on Sundays, from 8.30AM to 3PM.


I got a cold Caramel latte (RM9), plus a dalgona candy (RM3). The drink was perfectly balanced; not too sweet nor bitter, and it was smooth and creamy. It was perfect as an accompaniment to the candy.


Anddddd I’m dead if this had been Squid Game.


Tanming Boulevard, Taman Meranti Jaya, 47120, Puchong, Selangor (across the road, a short walk from Wai Wai restaurant)

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Review: Luckee Canteen, Puchong

One thing about living in Puchong? The food scene is never dull – and even as a Puchong-ite I’m always finding new spots to discover. In fact, if it wasn’t for a lifestyle article I read recently, I wouldn’t even have known about Luckee Canteen.

Opened earlier this year, this charming fusion cafe is tucked in a relatively quiet corner of Pusat Bandar Puchong (behind Lotus hypermarket) – which is probably why it doesn’t get as much traffic as the more commercial areas of Bandar Puteri and Puchong Jaya.


The cafe isn’t difficult to spot: just look for a bright red food stand outside, where one of the chefs serves up toasty ciabattas.


The outdoor seating area is cosy, and accommodates six to eight people. Bikes seem to be a theme here, as there’s one on the wall outside, and one inside. There are also a couple of mannequins and some skeleton(s) that make up part of the decor – it may sound odd, but the overall aesthetics go pretty well together.

A vintage 1970s bike

On the outside, the cafe looks like a single-storey building, but it actually slants to the back, so you get a very lofty ceiling. They’ve designed it in such a way to allow for plenty of natural sunlight to filter in, making the place bright and cheerful looking.

Feeling ravenous? Luckee Canteen offers a brunch buffet for RM88 per pax, where you can get free flow of items such as salad, ciabatta sandwiches, meat and dessert.

Luckee Canteen offers a modest selection of fusion cuisine, including Asian-style rice bowls (like Minced Pork in Tomato Sauce rice, Teriyaki Salmon Rice), ciabatta sandwiches, and pastas. There’s also coffee and tea from Harney & Sons to go along with your meal.

Iced lemon tea and Matcha Latte

The rice bowl portions here are very generous. Moo ordered the Luncheon Meat with egg rice bowl, which came with a side of sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes and pickled cucumber, as well as a fluffy omelette atop a bed of rice. If you’re a small eater, I think this can even be shared among two people.


Pops had one of the cafe’s signatures, namely the fried chicken rice bowl. The sides were similar to Moo’s order, except that the main protein was tender, juicy pieces of deep fried chicken. They were very flavourful, although Moo and Pops felt like it was a tad too salty for them.


I had the Fish Ciabbata, which was served with a side of chips. Again, the portion was quite generous; the fish fillet was sizable and cooked perfectly, the vegetables were fresh, and the melted cheese complemented the natural sweetness of the seafood well. The fish was moist enough on its own that no sauces were needed, and the ciabatta was soft and fluffy, with a crisp shell. Solid dish!

Our meal for three came up to about RM70. Most of the regular mains go for about RM18 – RM20++, but they also have pricier dishes like lamb and what not.

Luckee Canteen has pretty limited seating (about 30). I think it’s still relatively ‘hidden’ for now, but you might have to queue up if the place gets busier. Service is friendly.


6, Jalan Bandar 13, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 11AM – 10PM (closed Mondays)

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Irresistibly Fluffy Bomboloni — Sugar and I, Subang Jaya

To the uninitiated, bombolonis are Italian stuffed doughnuts, bursting with filling and fried to golden perfection. The outside is usually dusted with granulated sugar, giving them the appearance of a soft, powdery ball. It may sound simple, but I can assure you that they taste absolutely divine — at least to anyone with a sweet tooth.


Sugar and I was founded by a pair of siblings, who started baking as a hobby before pursuing it full time. Bombolonis are their signature, but they carry all sorts of desserts, from swirly cinnamon rolls and mouthwatering cakes, to airy Japanese cream puffs.

Cakes in a myriad of flavours, including Vanilla Burnt Cheesecake, Ferrero Roche, Walnut Carrot and Salted Caramel Burnt Cheesecake. Each slice goes for between RM10 to RM14.90.

Sugar and I boasts a brightly lit space with a cheerful, whimsical interior. I especially like the floor tiles!

At the moment, Sugar and I only does takeaways and delivery.


Moo loves cinnamon rolls, so I got one for her and stole a bite. The texture is a bit firmer than the ones you get from Cinnabon, but it tastes good all the same.


Of course, the stars of the show were the bombolonis. They’re fluffy, and when you press them they kind of ‘bounce’ back like a baby’s cheek. Cue cute aggression!

I got a box of 10 — six which I gave to my aunt, and four we kept for ourselves. The doughnuts come in five flavours: Nutella, Niko Neko Matcha, Cookie Monster, Lotus Biscoff and Strawberry Custard. The Nutella is their signature, but I didn’t get that for my own box because I’m not a big fan of Nutella (blasphemy, I know!)

If you don’t pinch your bomboloni, are you even eating it right? jk.

I ended up trying two flavours; the Cookie Monster and the Strawberry Custard. If you like gooey, chocolatey goodness, I recommend the former. I was surprised at the sheer amount of filling in the doughnut. I come from the JCo / Big Apple doughnut generation (back in the late 2000s to early 2010s, when there was a doughnut craze in Malaysia), and I’ve seen how the fillings became less and less through the years — so it was nice to finally sink my teeth into a real stuffed doughnut that isn’t 3/4 bread.


I made the mistake of putting the bombolonis in the fridge for after-dinner dessert. The Strawberry Custard hardened a little lol. The taste was still superb though — not too sweet, with just the right amount of milky and eggy — and again, lots and lots of filling. Since the pastries are freshly baked, I think it’s best if they’re enjoyed on the day itself (easy to do coz you won’t be able to stop at just one. lol).

Got coffee as well. I like the glass bottle, very decanter-esque.

Overall, I was thrilled with my bombolonis — and will definitely make a return visit when I’m able to (Subang isn’t that far from Puchong, but yours truly is an old lady and doesn’t have much energy to travel these days). If you want to get them delivered, they’re available on beepit. Prices are reasonable.


110, Jalan SS14/1, Ss 14, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 11AM – 7PM. Closed Mondays.


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Strangers at 47, SS17 Petaling Jaya – Sweet and Savoury Crepes


Living in the Klang Valley, there are plenty of cool and chic cafes to check out every other week. But competition is pretty fierce, and if you don’t have something to draw in the crowds (like good food, impeccable service and an Instagrammable interior), you’re likely to fold just as quickly as you set up shop.

Strangers at 47, though, has been a long-time stalwart on the cafe scene. As one of the pioneers in the SS17 area, the shop has a stable fanbase, who come for their delicious crepes, and it has even expanded from a single shop lot to include two adjacent spaces, providing diners with a comfortable and more spacious dining experience.

My last visit here was in 2015. Yes, I am aware that it was 6 years ago lol. The signature mural of a fox and a bear upon entering the restaurant is still there.
Although the space is much bigger now, the theme has not changed much, and still features a minimalistic look, with communal-style long tables for larger groups, cosy booths, wooden tables and warm yellow lights.

Stringent SOPs are in place before customers are allowed to enter the shop for dine-in. At the entrance, aside from scanning your temperature and registering yourself via MySejahtera, a staff member will also explain the house rules, such as wearing masks while moving around the cafe (except when you’re eating/drinking). You are also allowed to stay for a maximum of 1.5 hours only. It’s a good thing we came early, as the line started building up after 11.30am.


For hygiene purposes, there are no printed menus. Diners scan a digital menu using a QR code scanner.

You can view their menu here.

My Hot Cappucino (RM11) was nice and milky, but not too sweet.


The Moomins is trying to eat less meat these days, so we ordered Lethal Shrooms (RM19.50); one of the cafe’s signatures that has been on the menu since they opened. An assortment of sauteed mushrooms such as portobello, shimeji and baby king oysters mushrooms, plus sauteed baby spinach and caramelised onions are wrapped in a thin savoury crepe, then topped with tomato relish, poached egg and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I recommend ordering this if you’re not sure what to order; it never fails to disappoint.


If seafood is more your thing, there’s Miss Dory (RM22.50), comprising breaded and deep fried to golden perfection fish fillet, battered squid, citrus-cucumber onion salad, potato pumpkin mash, roasted cherry tomatoes and homemade sriracha mayo lime. All the flavours and textures — the crunchy from the fish and squid, the soft and smooth pumpkin mash plus the tangy cherry tomatoes and mayo lime — come together wonderfully.

Aside from savoury crepes, Strangers at 47 has a selection of sweet crepes as well. Unfortunately we were too stuffed to order any.

The cafe offers cakes too. The Cendolier Cheesecake (RM14.50 per slice) is a house specialty. You can also take home homemade kimchi, kaya and homebrewed kombucha.

Service here is excellent, albeit a little slow as the crepes are made to order. If you’re here over the weekend, come early to avoid the crowd, or be prepared for a wait.


45, 47 & 49, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 10AM – 9PM (Closed Tuesdays).

Phone: 03-7498 1034


C’est La Vie – CLV Cafe Puchong

One of the newer kids on the block, C’est La Vie in Bandar Puchong Jaya is the latest to join Puchong’s list of Instagrammable cafes. It’s also pet-friendly, so patrons can enjoy good food and the cafe’s relaxing ambience with their fur babies.


Polished concrete seems to be the in-thing these days, as can be seen from C’est La Vie’s statement wall, which is accentuated by warm yellow lights. There is a small open kitchen where diners can watch the chefs in action, as well as a bar area with elevated stools.

The plants are a nice touch, giving the space a cooling pop of green
An Instagrammable corner
You can buy handmade accessories and other trinkets at the counter as well

The menu offers typical cafe fare, the likes of burgers and pasta. A signature here is the Dutch Baby, which has a big breakfast vibe: featuring beans, sausage, mushrooms and bacon.


S and I were here for a tea break, so we only got drinks and snacks to share. I recommend the Lavender Milk, which is served warm. Frothy, light and just slightly sweet with a heady lavender fragrance, it’s perfect for afternoon tea. Better yet, pair it with cake and scones for the ultimate afternoon tea indulgence.

S had the Rose Mocha (RM14 – iced)

The Owls Cafe is my usual go-to place for waffle fries, but C’est La Vie’s version is a good alternative (RM10). Fried to golden brown perfection with nice crispy edges, the fries come in generous portions, with chilli and tomato dip. You can add on other sauces too, like cheese, Mongolian and black pepper.

Service is fast and friendly. Just a personal observation on something that happened while we were at the cafe: some patrons brought their dog, which is fine since the place is pet-friendly. The problem was that the dog ran to the middle of the cafe and did a no.1 on the floor. Then he circled around and did a No.2 — in full view of S who promptly lost his appetite lol. Pet owners were not apologetic and all and did not offer to clean up the mess, so the staff members were left having to clean the pee and poop after.

Usually, when my friend C brings her pet chihuahua Genie out, she’d put diapers on Genie. So perhaps this is something that the cafe can implement? Like have a ‘booth’ where they sell diapers for dogs at the entrance. That way you won’t have to turn away customers who don’t wear diapers for their dogs, and your staff won’t have to clean up the mess + it provides a more comfortable dining environment for other customers.


9-1, Jalan Kenari 17F, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: Thurs (12pm-10pm), Fri-Sun (10am – 10pm), Mon-Tues (12pm -10pm). Closed Wednesdays


*This is not a paid review. Views here are entirely my own.


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