Taiwanese Food @ Taipei Walker, IOI Rio Puchong

IOI Rio Puchong is a new integrated development in Bandar Puteri Puchong, comprising commercial and residential buildings within an 80-acre plot of land. The office park and commercial lots opened to the public awhile ago with tenant anchor Jaya Grocer. There has since been new additions, including several pharmacies, a bakery, a pet shop, medical and aesthetic centres, and more.


One of the latest to open is Taipei Walker, a restaurant which specializes in Taiwanese cuisine. A friend who lives nearby posted her experience dining here recently and the food looked good, so the Hubs and I came for brunch over the weekend.

The restaurant is spacious and the decor is clean and simple, with a colourful poster depicting Taiwanese pop culture and attractions papered on one side of the wall. The front gets a lot of sunlight and appears bright and cheerful, and there are also booths at the back for those who prefer a bit more privacy.


You place your orders on a chit, then hand it to the wait staff when you’re ready. It took us awhile to decide as the menu is extensive, offering both rice and noodle dishes, as well as snacks.

Here’s what we ordered!


I decided not to go for the set meal and instead opted for the ala carte Oyster & Pork Intestine Mee Sua (RM11.90). While this is of course not comparable to Taipei’s famous Ay Chung at Ximending, the dish is pretty decent. The noodles were smooth and silky, making it easy to slurp up, and there was a generous amount of oysters and pork intestines in them as well. What I think they can improve on is the texture, as the broth was rather starchy.


The Hubs and I also got Garlic Sausage (RM10.90) to share. What I was not expecting was actual raw garlic piled onto the plate; I thought they were supposed to be garlic-flavoured sausages :P.

The sausages tasted like standard Taiwanese sausage; slightly sweet, and with bits of fat lending texture.


The Husband’s Onion Oil Dry Noodle Set (RM16.90) comprised of a generous portion of noodles tossed in onion oil, soup, and side dishes of braised egg, cabbage, and deep fried marinated pork cutlet with pickled vegetables.


Noodles were tasty; they had a chewy texture, while the onion oil was fragrant but surprisingly light, with just the slightest hint of sweetness. I also tried the Hub’s soup, which is a Chinese-style chicken soup with ginseng (albeit the cheaper kind), wolfberries, and Chinese red dates. I liked it a lot as it tasted homemade; like stuff my mom would boil at home.


The pork cutlet was good as well. Not wow, but tasty. Crispy on the outside, tender and soft on the inside. If you like pickled stuff, you’ll enjoy the briny, salty taste that has seeped into the meat.


I wish I could say good things about the Taipei Special Coffee I ordered. Unfortunately, it tasted exactly like 3-in-1 instant coffee. Not so special after all. It’s not bad, but RM7.90 for a drink that tastes like powdered coffee is a tad overpriced for me. The only plus point is that it’s served in a mini jug with ice, so you can pour it out without diluting your drink, and the portion is good enough for two to share.

Overall, we were satisfied with the quality of the food at Taipei Walker, despite the disappointing drink. They have a large selection of dishes to choose from, so I might try something else on my next visit!

(PS: Pictures of menu at the bottom, if you’re wondering what they offer.)



OP-1F-03A 2, Rio Office Park, Persiaran Rio, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 11AM-2.30PM, 5.30PM – 11PM

Phone: +603 8603 8704 / +6016-966 8927

Taipei Walker Menu:

Mains/Set Meal
Mains/Set Meal
Mains/Set Meal
Mains/Set Meal
Ala Carte/Snacks


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