Waroeng Special Sambal ‘SS’ @ TTDI, KL

Do you like it spicy?

If so, you’ll definitely want to pay Waroeng Special Sambal ‘SS’ a visit! Despite its unassuming appearance (the interior is simple and no-frills, almost canteen-like), the resto dishes out tasty Indonesian fare served with what else? sambal that will have you breathing fire in no time.

I was first introduced to this place by colleagues, but didn’t manage to snap any photos of my meal the first time. I quite enjoyed the food, so this time around while I was in the neighbourhood with N, we decided to pop in for lunch.


Orders are done by scanning a QR code, after which they are sent directly to the kitchen. Most of the dishes are small platters that can be paired with rice, which makes them ideal for solo diners. Alternatively, you can order a bunch of them to share. There is a good variety of dishes, such as seafood, chicken, beef, omelette, and vegetables.

Set meals are also available, which is what N and I ordered. I had the cumi goreng (fried squid) set, while N had the ayam bakar (grilled chicken). Both sets were served with rice and a side of raw vegetables. Diners can also choose between tofu or tempe (fermented soybean cakes). N had the sambal tomato, while I had the sambal bawang.


Squid is pretty expensive, so I appreciate the portions here.

The squid is crispy on the outside, and fresh and bouncy on the inside. The batter is light and not greasy at all despite being fried; the flavour reminds me of the Winner’s brand fried chicken batter – savoury and lip smackingly good.

The tempe is excellent as well. For the uninitiated, tempe is a staple in Java , where it is cultured and fermented naturally with the fungus Rhizopus oligosporus until the soybeans form into a cake. The result is a distinct, earthy flavour that has an almost alcoholic aftertaste to it.


N’s grilled chicken also came in an enormous portion. Almost like a chicken on roids lol. He had trouble finishing it, in fact.

The chicken is marinated and basted with a BBQ like sauce, which gives it smoky, flavourful exterior. The meat on the inside is tender but a bit on the rough side – but it goes well with the sambal. Speaking of sambal, the ones here are super hot. If you want something milder, go for the sambal tomato option. Otherwise, have a drink ready on hand. You can get iced tea or fresh watermelon juice with your sets for a RM1 top up.


I also ordered a side of hati bakar (grilled liver and gizzards). The innards were skewered then grilled, giving them a slight char. I enjoyed the sweet sauce they were basted with, and the different textures – the liver is slightly mushy but with a crispy exterior, while the gizzards were chewy. If you like that iron-like taste from liver, you’ll definitely enjoy this!

Our meals came up to RM50. Considering the portions, I think this is a fair price (I think small eaters can even share a set meal). All in all, very satisfying and I can see myself coming back for some hearty Indonesian fare. Looking forward to trying other dishes next!


41, 43, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Open: 11AM – 11PM (Tues-Thurs, Sat-Sun), 2.30PM – 11PM (Fri). Closed Mondays

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