Review: Coconut Flower Restaurant, Teluk Gong Port Klang

“Where are we going for lunch again?”

“Coconut Flower.” – mom 

I was thoroughly confused by the name, seeing that the restaurant served neither coconut nor flower-based dishes lol. What it really was – a huge and airy seafood place in the fishing area of Teluk Gong, Port Klang. Teluk Gong used to be a fishing/agricultural village, but its vast palm oil, cocoa and coconut estates have made way for heavy industries and factories in recent years. One can still find many Chinese seafood restaurants though, and Coconut Flower is one of them.

The restaurant grounds were huge, with the alfresco dining area boasting at least six or seven ‘huts’ made to look like traditional gazebos, surrounded by lots of greenery. Most of these were occupied, so we opted to sit at the main area. Because of the open air concept and the abundance of trees, it was cooling and pleasant to dine in – no need for air conditioning! 🙂

Almost makes one feel like they’re at a seaside resort. Although it isn’t anywhere near the beach and you can’t see the river/port.

Tank with different types of fish that you can have cooked fresh to order.

Coconut Flower is famous for their fried ‘sa jui’ (a small bony yellow fish) – sorry don’t know what it’s called in English – but it was out of stock during our visit. We got their other specialties, namely the lala (clam) fried mihun and home made fried tofu, along with stir fried yau mak (Romaine lettuce) and deep fried salted egg yolk squid.

The mihun was alright but nothing to shout about tbh. Texture was good, but I barely tasted any lala (they were very small/shriveled up) and the noodles had an overwhelmingly soy-sauce-y taste.

The fried tofu fared better. Mixed with fish paste, the tofu had an eggy flavour/texture with crisp skin. Perfect with the accompanying mayonnaise and chilli dip.

The star of our meal was the deep fried salted egg yolk squid. Squid was fresh and springy, evenly coated on the outside with salted egg yolk batter. Fragrance was enhanced with a mix of bird’s eye chili and curry leaves. Insanely addictive.

Some hits and misses, but I’d say the quality of the food was decent and I liked the chill, village-like environment. Prices are average, ranging from Rm20 and above for each dish. Our meal came up to Rm100+ for four.

PS: They are pork free.


 702, Jalan Udang Galah, Telok Gong, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Open for lunch and dinner: 11AM- 10.30PM (daily)

Phone: +60 3-3134 1218

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