Home Cooking Restaurant, Sungai Way PJ

Where should one head to for charsiew? 

Apparently this place in Sungai Way called Home Cooking Restaurant, which was recommended by the foodie TV show Ho Chak. So off we went.



We passed by a Hindu temple on the way. I like the carved motifs and statues, nice details.
Sungai Way is very much like Sri Kembangan, with it’s mix of rickety old village houses and new ones all jumbled up into an intricate network of shops and houses. This is typical of ‘new villages’ (which have existed since the Communist insurgency in Malaya), because the villagers built their homes from scratch as opposed to the neat cookie-cutter housing we have today.



The restaurant is a typical dai-chow, with a big newspaper banner hanging out front. We ordered their specialties; namely the charsiew (sweet roast pork), and it didn’t disappoint as the meat was tender with crispy, slightly burnt bits on the skin. Great with the chilli sauce accompaniment.


Next was curry sek pan (garoupa) fish in claypot.Unlike other places where they usually serve just the fish head, this version had generous chunks of fish meat in the curry. Only occasional small bones to contend with. Feels great to bite into fresh and succulent fish meat in one bite. The curry was spicy but not overwhelmingly so, and its creamy texture + slight tanginess from the assam made it perfect with rice.


To round off, we ordered tao kok (some kind of fermented bean curd) stir fried with tofu. this wasn’t too shabby either.
The bill was reasonably priced, considering we had the garoupa fish curry and all.
555, Jalan SS9A/12
Seri Setia, Sungei Way
47300, Selangor, Malaysia


Here’s a colourful picture to lift your spirits. Can you guess the object? 🙂



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