Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

**Promised myself I’d try to squeeze out as many blog posts as I can over the long New Year’s weekend, because once work starts I’ll probably neglect this space for god knows how long again lol. It’s now the last day before work, and I’ve only managed one lmao. There are still tonnes of posts from last year that I never got down to writing, and at this rate, they might never see the light of day.

But I’ll try. You know, new year, new resolutions and all that. 😛


Chilli pan mee – a Malaysian variation of the popular Hakka-Chinese noodle dish, is fairly easy to find around the Klang Valley. But I always come back to Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee’s version, simply because it is the best in my books. The brand has a few branches, so it has been several years since I returned to their SS2 outlet – this time with the Hubs in tow.

Decor remains unchanged and still sports that no-frills, canteen-like look: stainless steel chairs, fluorescent lights, swiveling wall fans, newspaper cuttings featuring interviews and reviews of the resto.

Thirst quenchers: The Hubs’ iced white coffee, and my milk tea. Been trying to avoid coffee these days. My body is not what it used to be, and even a little bit of coffee after 10am will keep me up until 3am the next morning lol.

What I like about Super Kitchen: the portions are generous, the noodles are al dente, the minced pork is flavourful. The anchovies and fried onions add crunch, while the poached egg binds everything together. They also add deep fried bits of lard, giving the noodles a rich, porky flavour.

Where’s the chilli, you ask? They serve it in a separate container, so you can adjust the amount as needed. I like to add just a little, so the chilli doesn’t overwhelm everything. Break the egg yolk, mix until the egg coats each strand, and voila. Perfect chilli pan mee. 10/10.

The Hubs ordered a variation: Hakka deep fried pork pan mee. Same noodles and minced pork, but this dish lacks the egg. The deep fried pork is marinated in fermented beancurd (nam yue), which gives it a distinctly pungent taste.

For snacks, a simple plate of deep fried wontons, served with sweet chilli sauce. Simple fare, but absolutely addictive. The wontons are fresh and fried to order, crispy on the outside, and still juicy and piping hot on the inside.

It’s nice to see that the resto has kept its food standards even after all these years. And since my current work takes me close to this outlet, will probably be having it on a regular basis again. Price per bowl is RM9.80 (everything is going up in price these days – hard to find a noodle shop that even serves anything below RM10!)


42, Jalan SS2/10, Taman Bahagia, 47000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours: 8.30AM – 9.15PM
Tel: 03-7877 2281

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