JS Tasty Restaurant, Taman Meranti Jaya Puchong

Whenever I’m craving something soupy and comforting, JS Tasty never fails to disappoint. While they specialize in pork noodles, which is pretty good–what shines here (in my opinion) is their curry cheese noodles, which is what I always order.

JS Tasty has a simple, no-frills interior, but its cozy enough for a quick meal. Service is fast and friendly.

The Hubs ordered a regular pork noodle soup, which came with tender slices of pork and bouncy pork balls. Usually it also comes with innards including liver and intestines, but if you’re not a fan of innards, you can request for these to be left out. You can also customize the noodles, from a choice of yellow noodles (mee), lou shee fun (silver needle noodles), kuey teow (flat noodles) or bihun.

Cheese and curry go surprisingly well together, as can be seen in JS Tasty’s curry cheese noodles. The cheese makes the curry broth creamier, and cuts through some of the spiciness. I usually get mine with silver needle noodles, as I like their chewy texture.

We also got deep fried wontons to share. These were fried to golden brown perfection, crunchy on the outside with a good amount of meat on the inside.

Washing it down with some Honey Lime Ice Jelly, a refreshing beverage which helps to get rid of some of the curry’s oiliness.

What do you think about a curry and cheese pairing? 🙂


105-G, Jln Meranti Jaya 3/1, Taman Meranti Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 8.30AM – 2.30PM, 6PM-8.30PM (closed Mondays)

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