Miyatake Sanuki Udon @ Mont Kiara

When Japanese department store Isetan@1 Utama announced that it would be closing down in April 2022, I was devastated. Not because I liked shopping there, but because my favourite udon spot – Miyatake Sanuki Udon – was located within, and Isetan’s closure would mean that the shop would have to shutter too. I often went to this location when I was employed with my previous company, and I really enjoyed their udon noodles, as they were tasty and affordable at around RM11-RM20 per bowl.


Not all was lost, however!

A few months after ISETAN closed its doors, I read that Miyatake Sanuki Udon had moved to a new location at Mont Kiara. Since it’s pretty far from where I live, it was only recently that I got to go there for dinner with the Hubs. The store is located in a quiet commercial area just a stone’s throw away from Publika, so it’s relatively easy to find parking.


The restaurant is definitely more upscale than its predecessor, ditching its previous casual ambience for full service. The interior marries Zen and industrial chic, featuring lots of wood juxtaposed against raw concrete walls and dark, exposed ceilings. Diners can choose to dine at the counter near the kitchen if you’d like to watch the chefs in action, or the section at the back with bigger tables suitable for families. The latter is slightly partitioned with traditional noren (curtains), and offers more privacy.


The old outlet did not serve alcohol, but here you can order Japanese beers, sake, and cocktails to go with your noodles.


Ordering is done via a tablet.

While I understand that the restaurant has now branded itself to be more upscale, I was a bit taken aback by their new prices, with their noodles now averaging between RM15 to RM30. The Hubs and I ended up ordering two bowls of Kake Udon. At RM16, this is the cheapest, most basic option.


Taste wise, the noodles are as good as I remember them. One thing I enjoy about Miyatake Sanuki’s udon is the texture, and these are perfectly chewy. The winner for me is the dashi, which is gentle but flavourful, and tastes distinctly of anchovies. To be fair, even though the price has increased, the portion has as well.

The noodles also come with a side of tempura batter, which you can add into your soup for extra crunch.


For sides, we went with chicken karaage. What came to the table was three humongous pieces of juicy fried chicken, crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and packed with flavour. Chicken karaage is typically marinated in soy sauce and mirin before deep frying, which gives the meat a rich, savoury taste.

While I am happy that I’m still able to enjoy my favourite udon, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the old Miyatake Sanuki brand of fast, casual, and affordable udon bowls.

Not complaining though – good food is always worth it, and that just means I’ll have to fork out more if I’m looking for an udon fix!


LG3-1, Residensi Duta Kiara, 7, Jln Duta Hartamas, Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 11.30AM – 3PM, 6PM-10PM (closed Mondays)

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