Review: Ipoh-Style Liew Fun @ MC Noodles, Puchong

A popular Ipoh-style cuisine is liew fun – assorted items such as chilli, brinjal and beancurd sheets stuffed with fish paste, and served with noodles. It’s hard to find an authentic version here in the Klang Valley, and since the parents hail from Ipoh, they have exacting standards of what makes for good liew fun. We found a noodle stall in Puchong called MC Noodles that serves it, and decided to check the place out on a weekend.


The owner preps the noodles at the front of the shop. First, you pick from a variety of cooked items, then you select a type of noodle (yellow noodles, flat glass noodles, glutinous rice noodle, etc.) and finally, what style you want the noodles to be cooked (dry, soup or curry).

The bottom right is sar kok liew (yambean fritters), which are a rare sight outside of Ipoh. The fritters are mixed with a fish paste, wrapped in a thin beancurd sheet, sliced into large coin shapes and then deep fried.


My curry lai fun (glutinous rice noodles) with an extra topping of pig’s skin was decent, but not great. The noodles had good texture but the curry was quite oily + tasteless.


Sides of fried sar kok and wonton.


The ‘dry’ version with beansprouts.

Food here is okay but the Moo wasn’t impressed with the quality of the liew. If you’re an Ipoh-ite and really craving a taste of home, however, this might be a place to get a fix.


6, Jalan Puteri 5/8, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 7AM – 2PM (daily)




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