Food Review: The Olive Italian Restaurant, Maxims Resort World Genting


With its dim lighting, warm hues and attentive service, The Olive at Maxims, Resorts World Genting exudes elegance and class. The fine dining establishment, which has received numerous awards since its inception, specialises in Continental cuisine, which I got a small taste of during a recent visit for work.


Kicking off the meal, there is the strikingly-coloured squid ink bread, which had a nice, crispy crust dusted lightly with flour. The exterior had a texture similar to baguette, but softer, while the inside was light, airy and fluffy. There was a notable, slightly bitter undertone, which I presume is from the squid ink, although it wasn’t unpleasant.


Caviar; olive oil for dipping.


Amuse bouche of fried vegetable tempura, accompanied by jelly cubes and bits of fresh tuna. Wonderful blend of textures and flavours, batter was light and crispy, and the jelly cubes had a refreshing, citrus-like taste.


Mushroom soup topped with foam. Thick and chock full of ingredients, the flavours were well balanced and exhibited the rich earthiness of the mushrooms.

The star of the show was undoubtedly the Lobster Tail and Chilean Seabass with Orange Basil Sauce, Asparagus, and Mushrooms Ragout. This dish was specially crafted for our media visit, and as such, is not yet available on the menu. You can try the award-winning Chilean Seabass dish at the restaurant, just without the lobster tail.

The dish hit all the right notes, and was done with finesse. Huge, meaty chunk of seabass, perfectly done. Airflown into Malaysia, it still retained an amazing degree of freshness, and the flesh was naturally sweet and had a melt in the mouth texture. Asparagus was also done well, crisp and cooked to perfection. Lobster tail was sweet with a springy texture, and the orange basil sauce brought all the different elements together. Worthy of a five star establishment!


To end the meal, molten chocolate lava cake which oozed out beautifully when the cake was cut. It was a little too sweet, but the tartness of the fruit and the lightness of the ice cream cut through the flavours and prevented it from being cloying.

If you’re looking to impress a date while in Genting, or simply want to splurge a little with your casino winnings, opt for The Olive for its impeccable service, ambience and excellent food.


Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting

Opening hours: 6PM – 11PM (daily), 12PM – 2.30PM (Sundays only)

For reservations, call +603-6101 1118


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