A Betong Specialty – Braised Fish Maw Soup

Rise and shine, folks! Three days is all you really need to explore Betong in south Thailand, and before we knew it, it was time to head home. Before leaving though, we had to try another local favourite: fish maw broth. I’m not exactly sure what they call it but it’s basically a broth made with fish maw, along with ingredients such as mushrooms and quail eggs.

Where you can find it: the ‘stall’, which operates only in the morning, is in front of a bak kut teh shop across the road from the Betong Market. Vendors sell it from a giant vat, and they scoop it up into bowls to be served at your table (or you can also have it standing on the pavement). Once the broth is sold up they will close shop so get there early to avoid disappointment!

Shop name. Cannot reach Chinese/Thai so sadly the mystery shop shall remain a mystery.

Seating is in the bak kut teh shop. Although I’d recommend ordering some noodles/bak kut teh since they give you the shit face if you sit inside and don’t order anything.

Four bowls of fish maw broth coming up! They sure weren’t stingy with the ingredients – got at least two/three large pieces of springy fish maw. For those who haven’t had it before, it has a slightly fishy aftertaste and the texture of a sponge. I love it but I guess it’s not for everyone’s palate.

Also in the bowl: sliced shiitake mushrooms, quail egg and pig’s blood. The blood cubes has an iron aftertaste but it was clean and didn’t overwhelm the dish.


I like how restaurants serve you mineral water bottles.

Saw this fluffy kitty with the sweetest most adowable face ever. Wanted to kidnap it was sho fluffeh.

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