Is This The Best Tonkatsu in Malaysia? – Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Main Place USJ

There are two things that make me want to blog about a restaurant pronto. 

a) The food is so bad I had to rant to dispel the psychological trauma caused; and

b) The food is so good I can’t contain the excitement lol.

Thankfully, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at Main Place Mall, USJ is the latter.

I’ve been having an intense craving for tonkatsu (aka Japanese breaded deep fried pork cutlet) since last week…and I finally succumbed to temptation on Tuesday night. Popular opinion on Google suggested I head to Tonkatsu by Ma Maison.

The brand, founded in Tokyo in 1976, was started by one Akinori Terazawa  – who after failing to find the perfect tonkatsu, set out to make his own specialty outlet. To date, they have 16 outlets across Japan, five in Singapore and three in Malaysia.

The original in 1 Utama was too far from my workplace, so I decided to head closer to home where they have a branch in Main Place Mall, USJ.

The outlet was rather quiet (maybe coz weekday night) and service was friendly and efficient. The outlet looked classy, with light grey walls and matching dark furniture, decorated with subtle Japanese/porky touches – a pig in a chef’s hat hanging rom the wall, scrolls with Japanese writing, a glass window kitchen at the back.

Every table had a tray of sauces: sweet and spicy sauce, sesame dressing, soy sauce, roasted sesame and salt. Traditionally these sauces/condiments are eaten together with the tonkatsu.

After much pondering over whether to get the small (160g) or large, I decided to go the whole hog (lol) and get the Jumbo Rosu Katsu (250g) (RM32.90) – a humongous slab of breaded pork loin, deep fried to crispy golden perfection. All their sets come with a side of either white/brown rice, pickles, shredded cabbage, miso soup, radish, hot/cold roast tea and a dessert after. Considering their generous portion, I think it’s very value for money.

Kicking things off with the radish ball, drenched in soy sauce for flavour. Cold and mushy, this made for a great starter to clean the palate and whet the appetite.

I usually hate cabbage, but this was fresh and didn’t have that yucky, earthy aftertaste – it was refreshing, especially when topped with roasted sesame and the dressing. The mustard was crazy and nearly knocked me out (or at least my throat and nostrils) with its pungent aroma so I gave that a pass.

Now let’s get on to the real star, shall we?

OMG I cannot. Even. Begin. To describe this.

Look at that juiciness. That tenderness. The wonderful balance of lean and fat, all enveloped in a crispy outer shell of bread crumbs and crunchiness. Since the cutlet was fried in vegetable oil, it didn’t have that cloying greasiness that often happens with deep fried items. Sometimes pork is notoriously hard to get right coz cook it too much and it gets dry and tough, but there was no such problem here. Firm without being tough, soft in all the right places – just a beautifully done pork cutlet. The sauces complemented rather than overpower the taste of the meat.

As testament to its deliciousness, I finished the whole 250g jumbo portion all by mahself.


PS If you’re a big eater, good news: FREE rice and soup refills!

Speaking of soup, the miso wasn’t the thin sht some cheap Japanese joints here give you. This came chock full of veggies and ingredients, including onion slices, mushrooms and konnyaku. To round off the meal was a jelly with a hint of honey.

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison certainly did not disappoint, and I’m wondering if their outlet in 1U is even better. Will pay a visit when the next tonkatsu craving hits! 🙂

Food: the tonkatsu gets a 10/10.

Ambience: 9/10

Service: 9/10 – servers were courteous and attentive.


Lot 2F- 2nd Floor, Main Place, 19, Jalan USJ 21/10, Usj 21, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Open daily: 10AM-10.30PM

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