Extra Crispy Korean Fried Chicken! – 4Fingers, Sunway Pyramid

The name of the place may be 4Fingers, but I guarantee you’ll be licking all of yours after you’ve had a taste of their delicious, extra crispy Korean-style fried chicken! The popular franchise from Singapore, which made its way to Malaysian shores a couple of years back, has opened up a new outlet in Sunway Pyramid and its enjoying brisk business, judging from the long waiting lines on a weekend. The interior is cosy and modern, with lots of seating space (albeit a little tight).

Patrons order at the counter where they choose ala-carte or Combo meals which come with drinks and sides. C and I had the 12 piece signature drummetes/wingettes (mixed marinade – soy garlic and spicy kimchi) with two soft drinks and fries (Kimchi/Seaweed).

We collected our order from the kitchen. The chicken was served in a small metallic tray, and they gave us cups to put our bones in.

Korean-fried chicken is different from regular fried chicken in that it’s tossed in a sauce. Since they double-fry the chicken, the skin is extra crispy and doesn’t get soggy fast, even if you take it home to enjoy later! 🙂

The kimchi powder-seasoned fries were good!

What can I say? Finger lickin’ good. Despite being fried, the chicken wasn’t greasy and you can really hear the crunch as you bite into each piece. The soy garlic sauce was excellent – sweet and salty, garlicky goodness. Polished off six pieces with no trouble. Had the rest to take home. 😀 Definitely someplace I’d come back to if I’m ever in Sunway Pyramid! 🙂


LG.127. LG2 Floor (New Wing), Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM (daily)



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