J65 Restaurant, Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore


My recent stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore included a scrumptious buffet dinner at it’s J65 Restaurant.

It. Was. Awesome. Especially if you love seafood, like me 😀 That’s coz the resto has a rotating menu featuring a different main ingredient as its star every day. Mondays are for crabs, Tuesdays are for beef, Thursdays feature King Prawns, Fridays/Saturdays – seafood, and Sundays are for hawker delights. Since my stay was on a Wednesday, the main star (which happens to be my favourite!) was lobster. 


The dining space feels wide and spacious, thanks to its high ceilings and cozy wooden tables, which are spaced comfortably apart. True to their young, urban and chic theme, there is a big colourful wall done by a graffiti artist on one side of the resto.


Made a beeline for the lobsters and crayfish on ice. Everything was fresh, sweet and oh-so-juicy. I ate with my hands – nevermind if others think I’m a barbarian – coz I think that’s the only proper way to eat shellfish.



Instead of Chilli Crab, they had Chilli Lobster. The sauce was good, especially when eaten with bread or rice, although it still can’t be compared to the chilli crab when it comes to oomph.


More lobster galore – baked lobsters with mushrooms and cheese; lobster thermidor and lobster sandwiches. 

20161019_184839-tile  Customize your own pai tee (top hats) – crunchy pastry shells filled with egg, veggies, peanuts, condiments and sauces. 20161019_184917-tile

Assorted sushi and maki. Look at how thick the salmon fillets are!

Aside from lobster, they also served Asian/Western continental dishes like roast chicken, salads, rojak, and more.


My plate, all loaded up with lobster-related items.


The next morning, breakfast was at the hotel’s Club Lounge on the top floor. Nothing much to complain about here – they have a good selection of both Asian goodies and typical Western fare. What I liked ? They had pork bacon! This is difficult to find in Malaysia since all hotel breakfast buffets have to be halal to cater to the Muslim crowd.


Omelette, hashbrown, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, dumplings..


One can never go wrong with bacon on toast. 

20161020_083901-tile 20161020_084229-tile


For reservations and bookings, visit http://www.hotel.jen.com 🙂

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