Dinner In the Sky @ Moto GP Sepang F1 International Circuit

Think you’ve seen it all?

What about a flying dinner table? 

Back in 2006, a communications agency specializing in gourmet food experiences joined forces with a company that worked with amusement park installation involving cranes. Voila! Dinner in the Sky was born, and has since expanded to over 45 countries (including in Malaysia).

Anyway, the Moto GP is this weekend and Dinner in the Sky Malaysia is offering guests the chance to dine and watch the match from up high. G and I got to try it out. Although it wasn’t dinner per se (more like breakfast!), it was still an awesome, awesome experience.


So how does this flying table look like? There are about 20 seats, with a space in the middle for the chefs to prepare your food. Guests sit strapped into the seat with belts, like an amusement park ride. There are no side barriers, so remember to be careful with your belongings lest your phone falls out of your pocket 100ft below…then you really jialat. To keep cool, there are small rotating fans attached to the bars at intervals.


One good thing about the mechanism is that it was very stable, so we didn’t feel like we were ascending until we looked down and realized how far up we were already.

It was probably about 100 ft from the ground when we finally stopped the ascent. We could see the race course from up above and riders doing their practice runs.


View of race course was beautiful from up above!


Our chefs busy prepping our breakfast.


Time to dig in! The menu:

Canape 1: Cured Salmon with Garden Greens , Plum & Apple cider dressing

Canape 2:Baked Potato Layers, Mushroom & Chestnut Duxelle , Scallions

Canape 3:Chicken Roulade Asian Barbeque Glaze, Aromatic β€œKerabu”

Canape 4:Red Velvet Cone n Cream Cheese Frosting, Red Velvet Tears, Candied Duck, Pistachios


1&2 were my favourites: the salmon was thick, fleshy and sweet, complemented by the sour apple cider vinegar dressing, while the potato layers were chunky, lightly salted and went well with the frothy mushroom duxelle.

Chicken roulade was a little dry, but still good especially when eaten with the kerabu salad.  Cream cheese frosting tasted very sour after the earlier sweet dishes, but the candied duck at the bottom was a nice surprise.

We were lowered back again after about 45 minutes and boy, was I glad to have two feet on solid ground again ! Overall, I’d say the food was great, as was the view and the experience. Worth shelling out a few hundred bucks? Maybe, if you have the money to burn and want something out of the ordinary. πŸ™‚


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