Sushi for RM1.80? Only @ Sushi Mentai, KL


Want to have your sushi fix without burning a hole in your pocket?

Now you can gorge to your heart’s content on salmon, tamago and ebi at Sushi Mentai, a relatively new kid on the block in Malaysia. With over 20 outlets all over the country, the brand has been growing steadily, thanks to it’s ‘affordable for the masses’ concept. Each plate of sushi costs only RM1.80 or RM2.80 (Yes, this is not a scam!)

H introduced me to one of their outlets at Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur. Decor is simple and no-frills, with a conveyor sushi belt rotating around a rather cramped space. We were lucky because we got a seat right away – apparently Sushi Mentai can have long lines, especially during lunch and dinner hours. But good (and cheap!) things are worth the wait, right?


H had two pieces of salmon (RM2.80). The best thing about Sushi Mentai (other than the price) is that they don’t skimp on ingredients – not at all. The salmon pieces, while not super thick, were thick enough and covered the rice nicely. Which is better than a lot of other more expensive sushi outlets where sometimes the salmon is sliced so thinly you can see right through them ._.


I had grilled unagi (eel), basted with a sweet teriyaki sauce. This was.. okay. Not the best unagi I’ve had, because the fish was very bony and had a strong, fishy aftertaste.


I became absolutely addicted to this – fried shrimp tempura on inari, topped over with mayo and salmon roe. Polished off a few plates by myself!

The shrimp tempura is large, fried well with a crispy batter and succulent shrimp on the inside; while the rice and inari (tofu) is drizzled over with sweet teriyaki sauce. Combine that with fluffy Japanese mayo, which was a bit sour and lemony, and you get a crunchy, addictive snack.


Fried shrimp cheese maki – rice roll wrapped with cheese slices. Salty, creamy and a mix of nice textures.


Marinated jellyfish. Chewy, a little spicy and savoury.


Last but not least, salmon piri-piri. These were bad in my book, even though H liked it. They were very crispy but soaking in oil, and the fishy salmon taste was overwhelming. I only had one piece.

Overall, Sushi Mentai delivers good and (very!) affordable Japanese food for those on a tight budget. Happy diggin’ in! 🙂


9-G, Jalan Perubatan 2
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 12 noon to 9:30 pm (daily).

For a list of their other outlets, click here

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