Daddy’s Cafe, Teluk Nipah Pangkor

During the school holidays and high season, the main thoroughfare in Teluk Nipah, Pangkor comes to life with activity, with the long row of shack-like structures peddling souvenirs, shisha, diving gear, watersport packages, and food.

Unfortunately we were there during Ramadhan, the month in which Muslims observe fasting – so most of these stalls were shuttered. While there are food stalls in Pangkor town on the east side, a taxi ride would have set us back RM36 to and fro.

Getting slightly desperate as it was late afternoon and we had skipped lunch, we asked around if there were any places to eat nearby. That’s how we found Daddy’s Cafe, a short walk down the road.

Sitting on Pangkor’s Coral Beach, just next to Nipah Deli (another eatery, but this was closed), Daddy’s Cafe exudes chill beach vibes. Diners who want to avoid the mid-day heat may want to sit indoors, which is spacious and has an open layout. The chairs are made of rattan, which keeps the airflow going and keeps you cool.

The outdoor area has tables and chairs laid out on the sand under a canopy, which is also under a tree so it’s not too hot. The view is absolutely gorgeous! I can see why this is a popular spot, especially for couples looking for a romantic dinner while watching the sunset. During our visit, there were a couple of rotund beach dogs sleeping near a family of Germans, perking up when food was brought to the table.

The menu at Daddy’s Cafe is extensive, featuring local and Western fare such as fried rice, noodles, pizza, pasta, and seafood dishes. Prices are similar to what you would get at a KL cafe (ranging from RM10-RM30) but considering the setting I think it’s reasonable. The outlet is pork-free, but serves alcohol (they use separate glasses for alcoholic drinks).

N and I were feeling ravenous, so we both got fried rice (gotta get them carbs in!) . N had the chicken fried rice, while I got the seafood fried rice. The portion was humongous. Big plate of rice with a generous heap of chips, topped with a fried egg. My dish had deep fried fish fillets and large shrimps, while N’s featured deep fried boneless pieces of chicken. The rice was flavourful and had good wok hei, while the seafood was fresh, although the fish pieces had bones in them. While it wasn’t wow, I thought the meal was above average.

What I really liked was the drink, something called a Unicorn Milk (RM10) which had a pineapple juice base and was topped with a dollop of cream and sprinkles. Sweet with a slight hint of refreshing sourness – perfect drink for the beach!

Service takes awhile, but is friendly. If you’re looking for a chill spot to relax while in Pangkor, Daddy’s Cafe ticks all the boxes.


 27, Teluk Nipah, 32300 Pulau Pangkor, Perak

Opening hours: 11AM – 11PM (daily)

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