I’m A Terrible Blogger. But Ippudo Ramen @ Sunway Pyramid, is Excellent

I’m a terrible blogger.

What else do you call someone who has stuff from November 2021 that has yet to be posted?! That’s like, almost nine months ago wtf.

This blog is more than just a space to share information and experiences. It’s an online journal of sorts; a way for me to look back on what I’ve been doing at a specific point in time. So in that sense, I’ve failed miserably lmao.

Oh, I can give excuses, of course:

  • Busy with getting the husband settled in, after we spent two years seaparated due to the pandemic
  • Busy getting his papers done so he can stay here long term
  • Busy bringing him around on dates (hey, give me a break, we did not see each other physically for two years)
  • Busy caring for the mom, whose health has not been good
  • Busy with new job, responsibilities and tasks of which has picked up significantly
  • Unmotivated due to writer’s block and burnout
  • And the list goes on.

But the fact of the matter is, there are things that I haven’t been prioritising – this blog included. Heck, I bought Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and sank so many hours into it over the last couple of weeks, so the excuse “I’m busy” is shit.

So I’m going to do what a good blogger should do. I’m going to stop gaming and doing unnecessary shit, and finally get down to posting all the things I have lined up. Also edit those videos that I should have edited but was just too lazy/unmotivated to.

I can’t promise I’ll be able to fulfill this 100%, but I’m going to try my best.


BTW, said #throwback from November 2021 : I finally tried Ippudo Ramen!

The brand, is, of course, not new in Malaysia – they opened their first outlet in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in 2013, so I’m about 10 years late to the party. But as the saying goes, better late than never – and I’ve heard so many good things about their ramen over the years, I had high expectations going in to their Sunway Pyramid branch.


Originally from Fukuoka in Japan, Ippudo Ramen has over 37 years of history, having opened its first store in 1985. It has since expanded all across the world, with branches in Asia, Europe, and the United States. The brand is well known for its tonkotsu ramen, which features a rich soup broth made from pork bones that has been simmered for hours.


Understandably, the outlet in Sunway Pyramid is super popular. I’ve passed by the shop a couple of times and they’re always busy during peak hours. I was lucky to land a seat at the counter, which caters to solo diners. You can watch the chefs in action through a glass partition, so I would call these the best seats in the house!

Decor wise, the restaurant looks like your typical ramen joint, with all the trimmings – red and white lanterns, as well as lots of wood contrasted against dark walls and accents, giving the space a clean, elegant feel.


Service was efficient and the food was served promptly.

Being a first timer, I wanted to try the original that has made them a household name for Japanese tonkotsu ramen across the world: the Shiromaru Special, featuring bouncy, ultra-thin cut noodles in a pork bone-based broth simmered for over 15 hours to achieve full-flavoured umami. The bowl also came with a perfectly cooked half boiled egg, crisp sheets of seaweed, spring onions, kikurage (wood-ear fungus) for extra crunch, and succulent chashu (roast pork). PS: It should also have beansprouts, but I hate beansprouts with a passion, so I requested for them to be left out of my order.


Ippudo’s ramen definitely lives up to its reputation. The broth is creamy and sweet, but not overly so, and the richness is not cloying. Some ramen places with rich soups will leave you feeling bloated and overwhelmed after a few sips, but Ippudo’s version is well balanced. The noodles are excellent as well; bouncy and al-dente, with just the right amount of bite, while the chashu is tender and juicy, with just a hint of smokiness and char imparted onto its surface from the grilling process.

Does Ippudo have the best ramen I’ve tasted? No. I think that still goes to Menya Shishido for me (although I can’t say it tastes the same now, since they moved somewhere new and I haven’t been to the new place yet). But it certainly is one of the top ones on my list, and worth a little splurging at RM37 per bowl. The only con I can think of: because the outlet has such high traffic, you do feel a little harried to finish up your food ASAP to make way for other diners – they cleared my bowl almost immediately after I finished up my soup, and I felt compelled to gulp down my green tea because customers waiting outside were staring at me balefully like VACATE YOUR DAMN SEAT 😛


G1.45, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 10.30AM – 10PM (daily)

*Ippudo ramen also has other branches around the Klang Valley. For more info, visit ippudo.com.my

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