Walking Tour: Quayside Mall@twentyfive.7, Kota Kemuning South

Residential or neighbourhood malls are now the norm rather than the trend, usually part of ‘integrated developments’ where you’d have condominiums or office towers within the vicinity, as well as parks and other facilities. One of the newer ones, which opened in December 2020, is Quayside Mall@twentyfive.7 at Kota Kemuning South, Telok Panglima Garang.

The neighbourhood itself is new and located in a somewhat difficult to access locale (the roads there are bumpy and under construction, with plantations on both sides and lots of heavy vehicle traffic ie lorries/trucks). Despite it being quite close to my city, it still look me awhile to reach due to road conditions + I got lost as the GPS brought me through really quiet kampung roads to avoid traffic and at the end access was blocked lol.

Couldn’t take photos since I was driving, but here’s an artist impression of Quayside Mall. Photo via Gamuda Land

Parking is free (*as of October 2021) and there was ample space on a weekday.


Coming up from the escalator, I emerged into an outdoor promenade-like area, with several restaurants. The key attraction here, is, of course, the lakeside – so you can sit al fresco, sip on a cold coffee and enjoy the balmy Malaysian weather while looking out at the scenery.


Okay, maybe a little too balmy.

Too hot so I couldn’t go for a stroll, but the lake looks nice. Flamingoes are the main theme here so you’ll see lots of cute statues. They also have paddle boats for rent.

They have a bike lane circling around the promenade, so you can literally cycle ‘through’ part of the mall.

Escaped quickly into the mall proper for some blissful air conditioning. Here’s a video! (pls subscribe to my YT – shameless plug).

The mall spans three floors. Although it’s not big, it has pretty much everything under one roof, including a well-stocked Jaya Grocer, a Harvey Norman deparmental store, mobile service providers, a Watsons, clothing and sports apparel stores, a hair saloon, and more. You can tell they’ve tried to make the spaces more experiential, so there’s an events hall on the top floor, and the outdoor space where events can be hosted (hopefully when this pandemic gets better).

Events space
Insta photo corners

Popped into UNION Artisan Coffee for some takeaway ice blended chocolate.


I just got fully vaccinated a couple of weeks ago, which means I’m able to dine-in at restos and stuff. I would love to hangout here since it looks cosy and has a great view. But since I live with my fam and there are vulnerable people in my household, I don’t want to risk it – so it’s still takeaway for me now.


They’ve got a nice selection of cakes and coffee. You can also get blends to brew at home.

Cold, sweet iced chocolate. Perfect for hot weather.

Anyway, the reason I came here was to pickup my lunch from Sushi Zanmai – had an intense craving for unagi (eel) on rice. 😛

Quayside Mall is a pleasant enough neighbourhood mall. It doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic on weekdays (at least not during my visit), so it might be an alternative for those who want to shop in peace away from the hordes at places like Sunway or whatnot. But be prepared to go through a somewhat bumpy/rough road if you’re coming from Puchong. Also, possibly due to the pandemic, not all tenants have moved in, so you’ll still see a lot of empty lots (I would estimate about 60 – 65% have been taken up).


Persiaran Freesia Gamuda Kemuning 25.7, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Kuala Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan


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