Review: 33 Blue Room, Petaling Jaya

Hey, guys! I know I’m supposed to do my 30-Day Writing Challenge prompts – but work cropped up and I’m finding it difficult to keep up. That said, since I’m on an 18-day streak, I’d hate to break the momentum – which is why I’m squeezing in this quick food post over lunch break at the office. 


I had a couple of hours to kill while waiting for an assignment the other day. Scouring for places to hangout nearby, I came across 33 Blue Room – which was, rather unusually, tucked in an industrial zone surrounded by manufacturing companies, car dealerships and engineering firms. The place has a classy ambience – perfect for intimate gatherings with friends or the S/O, birthday parties or just as an after-hours drinks spot.


Lots of wood and black, complemented by warm lighting. (PS: Sorry for the sucky pictures – my phone camera isn’t good with yellow / low lights). The theme of the restaurant revolves around music, which you can see from the jazz-inspired saxophone decor on the walls. There is also a deck on the mezzanine floor for the DJ to spin tunes.



One of the restaurant’s most eye-catching fixtures is the wall of wine bottles which extends up to the ceiling.



N and I were there around 5.30PM and they only had pizzas, pastas and some appetisers – so we waited for 6PM for the dinner menu. For drinks, we ordered the Jasmine Green Tea (refillable) and Chamomile Tea. 


The menu is mostly Western. Their specialty is pork, so we ordered the Premium Pork Ribs to share. This is good enough for three people, as N and I struggled to finish it between the two of us –  but while there was plenty of meat, the salad and potatoes were barely a mouthful. Taste wise, it was decent but not great – the meat flaked off the bone easily, but was rather stringy and dry when chewing. Thankfully, it was saved by the barbecue sauce, which was rich and salty.



There’s always room for dessert no matter how stuffed you are – and we obliged to an Earl Grey Mousse with Vanilla Ice Cream and Crumble. 10 points for presentation – it looked like something out of a fine dining establishment. The mousse was exquisite, and I liked how they served it with a ball of white chocolate and boba pearls; an excellent combination.

Prices are steep; expect to pay around RM100 for a complete meal for two, inclusive of drinks.



2a, Jalan 51/225a, Section 51a Zone Perindustrian PJCT, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 11AM – 12AM (1AM on weekends). Open daily

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