30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4: A Strange Phone Call

4. A Strange Phone Call 

When I was about seven or eight, we had prank calls to the house all the time. This was before mobile phones and caller IDs. The caller would ring us up, and when we picked up saying ‘Hello?’ there would be silence on the other line… until we hung up. Sometimes we’d catch a giggle, which sounded like a young girl’s – which led my mom to believe that it was one of my friends from school. I don’t know how she did her sleuthing, but she found out it was one of my classmates and complained to the mother about the incident. The girl got the whupping of her life, and the calls stopped.

There are still two things I don’t understand until today: why the girl did what she did (and why only to me), and how my mom managed to find out who it was. Guess I’ll just file it under life’s greatest mysteries.


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