28.3.22 – Thoughts

The term ‘brain fog’ has been—pardon the pun—on everyone’s mind lately, no thanks to COVID. Although not an official medical condition, enough patients have reported similar symptoms to warrant research, like this one by Chinese researchers which seems to show persistent impairment in sustained attention in patients that have otherwise recovered from COVID. So what… Read More 28.3.22 – Thoughts

The Sales and Marketing Trap – How Companies Get You To Buy More Than You Actually Need

Ah, capitalism.  No matter how vigilant we try to be against the tricks of the trade, I’m pretty sure we’ve all fallen victim to seemingly ‘innocent’ marketing traps at one time or other. It’s the .99$ promos, the membership discounts, the buy-1-free-1 deals. We think we’re getting a bargain; that we’ve outsmarted the game. In… Read More The Sales and Marketing Trap – How Companies Get You To Buy More Than You Actually Need

Mid-October Update

Hey guys! It’s 12/10 and the gov just announced that we’re having another CMCO (for the benefit of my foreign readers, that’s a Conditional Movement Control Order – kinda like a ‘loose’ quarantine but not a total lockdown) in my area: which means no interstate travel allowed, plus restrictions on the operating hours of some… Read More Mid-October Update

Nurture Your Introverts to Harness Their Superpowers

introvert noun /ˈɪntrəvəːt/ a shy, reticent person. Mention introvert and the image that comes to mind is of a person sitting quietly in a corner, surrounded by a mountain of books. They might enjoy hobbies like knitting, drawing, video games, or going for long walks on the beach on their own. Extroverts, by comparison, are… Read More Nurture Your Introverts to Harness Their Superpowers


Hey guys! If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not very diligent when it comes to sharing personal posts or motivational (?) stuff like ‘Lessons I’ve learned from… etc.’  There are a few reasons for this: A) It Takes A Buttload of Time  Unlike lifestyle /… Read More Patreon?