Food Review: Filling Sandwiches @ Good Blue Men, Happy Mansion PJ

Dating back to the 1970s, the Happy Mansion flats in Petaling Jaya comprise several blocks of old, walk-up apartments. In recent years, many of its ground floor units have been taken up by cool cafes and eateries, making it a favourite hangout spot for foodies and hipsters alike. I’ve tried a couple of places such as Frame Thai, Kwong Wah Ice Kacang and Elsie’s Kitchen – time to add a new one to the list!


Enter Good Blue Men, which specialises in sandwiches and other Western fare such as pastas and grilled chicken chops. The interior is minimalistic but cosy. It was rainy when we visited so the shop was pretty empty – but I heard that it can get quite crowded during lunch time and weekends.



Their signature here is the sandwiches, which feature rather unusual flavour pairings. The bestselling is their Kam Heong chicken – which features 13 herbs and spices, chicken breast and arugula on oregano toast. (Kam Heong is a Malaysian-style stir fry which often uses curry leaves and bird’s eye chillies). I only had eyes, however, for the Cheezy Meltdown (RM19).


AS they prep your sandwiches to order, expect some wait time. My Cheezy Meltdown was a beautiful mess, with three different kinds of cheese oozing from toasted slices of homemade white bread. Also within were sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and a fried hash brown to lend it some crunch. The dish was served with a side of cheesy fries.


The sandwich was all I had hoped for – cheesy goodness with a good balance of textures. The cheese tasted a lot like the KFC cheese sauce, and got a little overwhelming after a while. Even one slice was very filling. If you’re a small eater, I suggest getting this to share.


N had the Tom Yum Fish (RM23), which came with a fish fillet golden fried to perfection and salad, slathered with a housemade tom yum sauce. The sauce lent it a spicy-sour kick, complementing the fish’s sweet and natural flavours. The toasted raisin bread brought everything together really well.


A good spot if you’re thinking of a hefty sandwich fix!


AG-01, Ground Floor,Block A, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Business hours: 10AM – 10PM (daily)

Contact:03-7499 7394


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