When It’s Okay To Eat Green Chicken – KFC Malaysia’s Green Chilli Crunch

There are a couple of occasions where it’s okay to eat green chicken.

a) when it’s in a green curry OR

b) when it’s KFC Malaysia’s all-new Green Chilli Crunch.

Now, before we begin, I have to say that I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to new KFC offerings, because they’ve always been a hit and miss. On one hand we had some pretty good runs, like with the Spicy Sawadee Crunch, the Tom Yum Crunch and the ultimate gift to mankind ie the Double Down. And then we’ve had things like the meh Truffle Parmesan and the lazy Hot N Cheezy which was essentially just cheese sauce drizzled over their spicy chicken lmao.

But I digress.

The latest offering by KFC is the Green Chilli Crunch, described as an “exciting combination of green parsley, green lime and chili all in one bite.” The set is available in a 2 pc combo (RM14.90), a 3 pc combo (RM18.90), or a box meal set (RM19.90), which comes with a Zinger burger and fries.

First thought was Whoa, this is REALLY green.

Green is not exactly an appetising colour other than on salads and greens, but if you get past that, the KFC Green Chilli Crunch is actually pretty tasty. It’s on the sweetish side with a hint of tanginess from the lime, which also makes it feel less greasy. Skin is fairly crunchy, although it’s somewhere in between their spicy chicken and the original. Spice levels are almost non-existent so if you’re expecting a kick, you’re better off with the regular spicy flavour.

The Green Chilli Crunch is available for a limited time only at KFC Malaysia stores nationwide.


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