KFC Malaysia Released A “Zero Chicken Burger” – But It’s Not Vegan / Vegetarian-Friendly

You know what KFC is without the chicken?

Just KF.

…. Okay lame.

In all seriousness, woke up today and KFC’s icon on Facebook had turned green. Malaysians being Malaysians, there were many ‘mak kau hijau’ and ‘bila masa KFC dah join PAS ni?’ jokes. But it’s actually in conjunction with the launch of KFC’s new Zero Chicken Burger, a ‘chicken’ burger that – you guessed it – has no chicken. Singapore released theirs in January, so we’re a little late, but better late than never, right?

A collaboration between KFC and the meat substitute brand Quorn, the burger’s meat-free patty is ‘made with the original recipe of the 11 herbs and spices we know and love, topped with a slice of cheese and a splash of tangy BBQ sauce.’

Here’s the catch though: it’s neither vegan nor vegetarian. According to Singapore’s Today Online, the reason is because although the patties are plant-based (they’re made from mycoprotein from fungi) they’re fried in the same oil as some of KFC’s chicken products, and the mayonnaise is not vegan, since it’s made from eggs. It also has cheese.

Which begs the question: who is KFC targeting? They’ve made a meat-free burger, but people who don’t eat meat can’t enjoy it. The only answer I’m left with is people who think of it as a novelty. Because the only reason I go to KFC is, well, for the chicken. And if I wanted to eat vegan food, I’d go to a vegan resto.

Still, I think it’s a good attempt to introduce mock meat to the masses. When Beyond Burgers made headlines a couple of years ago, I was genuinely confused as to why it was such a big deal – Chinese restaurants have been making mock meat for ages; some of which taste almost like the real thing. But then I realised that there aren’t many people beyond the Chinese community who are actually aware of its existence. Especially in Malaysia, where there aren’t many people who adopt a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle (those who do usually do so for religious reasons > health reasons).

So for curious diners, you might want to give the KFC Zero Chicken Burger a try: the burger costs RM12.99 ala carte, and is available for a limited time only, while stocks last. The set goes for RM15.99.

As for me, I think I’ll stick with my chicks.


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Review: KFC Malaysia’s Soy Garlic Glazed Drummets – Inspired by Korean Fried Chicken

Hey guys! Just wanted to wish all Malaysian Muslims Selamat Hari Raya, and to everyone else celebrating around the world, Happy Eid! This year, there is no balik kampung exodus (people tried, though) as interstate travel is banned to prevent the spread of coronavirus – but visiting relatives and friends within the state is still allowed (provided they follow guidelines such as no more than 20 people in a gathering. Although personally, I feel this is difficult to enforce).

I’ve been meaning to use the free time to finish up a couple of pending blog posts but got sucked into playing games (yes, I know, not a very ‘productive’ way of spending the holidays :P). The office reopened two weeks ago with some changes (we moved into a new workspace + we have an alternate schedule so not everyone is going in at the same time) so I’ve been out and about, which means fodder for this blog space lol.


Before moving out of my old office at PJ8, I went to the nearby KFC Jalan Barat for the last time. They are not yet open for dine-in, so all the tables have been cleared to accommodate takeaway and delivery.

They’re pretty stringent with social distancing measures, so a big kudos to them. As you enter, you are required to write down your details (for contact tracing purposes). If you’re not comfortable with holding the pen, you can always ask them to write it down for you or use the QR code scanner to key in your details via the government’s Selangkah app. After checking your temperature and sanitising your hands, you can then proceed to the counter to make your order.


Tables are placed in front of the counter for added distance. There are also strips marked out on the floor so you know where to queue up. Orders are made on one side and pick up at the other.


KFC has jumped on the Korean Fried Chicken (also KFC. lol) trend, with a new offering called Soy Garlic Glazed Drummets, available in three(RM6.30), five (RM10.50) and nine pieces (RM18.50). It had a ‘trial-run’ in 10 outlets back in November but is now available in stores nationwide.

K-style fried chicken is known for being extremely crispy (thanks to a double-fry method), whilst being moist and juicy on the inside – a feat that KFC’s version was able to achieve. The glaze was a tad too sweet for me, but it has a nice, garlicky flavour that Korean fried chicken fans will surely love. The smaller portion means that it is easy to polish off several pieces in one go – the perfect finger food. You can add on fries and a Pepsi for a complete meal.

In conjunction with the festive season, they’re also offering a limited time only dish called Nasi Kari Atuk (to my international readers, that’s Grandfather’s Curry Rice. Has a nostalgic ring to it, no?). You get rice with the chain’s signature fried chicken, served together with Kari Atuk, a rich and savoury curry made from blending traditional curry spices and coconut milk, as well as Sambal Atuk, a spicy anchovy-chilli paste + coleslaw and a drink.

I’m not a big fan of KFC and it is unlikely that I will go out of my way to look for one – but the Soy Garlic Glazed Drummets are worth a try if you’re craving for K-style fried chicken and can’t travel to establishments like 4Fingers, or KyoChon (on account that they usually don’t have that many branches).

When It’s Okay To Eat Green Chicken – KFC Malaysia’s Green Chilli Crunch

There are a couple of occasions where it’s okay to eat green chicken.

a) when it’s in a green curry OR

b) when it’s KFC Malaysia’s all-new Green Chilli Crunch.

Now, before we begin, I have to say that I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to new KFC offerings, because they’ve always been a hit and miss. On one hand we had some pretty good runs, like with the Spicy Sawadee Crunch, the Tom Yum Crunch and the ultimate gift to mankind ie the Double Down. And then we’ve had things like the meh Truffle Parmesan and the lazy Hot N Cheezy which was essentially just cheese sauce drizzled over their spicy chicken lmao.

But I digress.

The latest offering by KFC is the Green Chilli Crunch, described as an “exciting combination of green parsley, green lime and chili all in one bite.” The set is available in a 2 pc combo (RM14.90), a 3 pc combo (RM18.90), or a box meal set (RM19.90), which comes with a Zinger burger and fries.

First thought was Whoa, this is REALLY green.

Green is not exactly an appetising colour other than on salads and greens, but if you get past that, the KFC Green Chilli Crunch is actually pretty tasty. It’s on the sweetish side with a hint of tanginess from the lime, which also makes it feel less greasy. Skin is fairly crunchy, although it’s somewhere in between their spicy chicken and the original. Spice levels are almost non-existent so if you’re expecting a kick, you’re better off with the regular spicy flavour.

The Green Chilli Crunch is available for a limited time only at KFC Malaysia stores nationwide.


Review: KFC’s Zinger Double Down – All Meat, No Bun

Not a big fan of KFC chicken (their wraps are okay tho):  but if there’s one thing I’d walk 1.5km for in sweltering Malaysian weather, it’s their DOUBLE DOWN. Which is exactly what I did. Because the KFC near my office was closed for renovations, I actually walked all the way to another commercial district, just so I could tuck into this monster meat burger for lunch, on the day it was released. No ragrets

I remember a couple of years ago when they released this – I actually went bonkers and had it almost every other week. Now that I’m older and my metabolism is a bitch (I get fat just by breathing), I’ll have to content myself to just this once… 

Not a meal for the faint hearted. Two thick slabs of deep fried Zinger burger patties. Sandwiched in between is a sliver of ham, a slice of cheese and oozy, gooey cheese sauce. What can I say? I bet I consumed a week’s worth of sodium but it was all worth it. Crunchy skin, juicy tender meat, savoury creamy cheese sauce all blend together in a wonderful medley of salty flavours. KFC is notorious for advertising one thing and serving another lol (remember those shrimp things that looked so big in the ads but were tiny irl?) but I’m happy to note that the Double Down DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.

Damage for a set meal was RM14.50, with fries and a drink. The DD is available for a limited time only.

**Based on experience, different KFC outlets tend to have different standards (so much for QC). This beauty was bought at the KFC in PJ New Town.