Review: Petaling Jaya’s legendary Jackson’s Burger, SS14

Petaling Jaya folks will no doubt know about Jackson’s Burger at SS14, the legendary burger truck run by a Chinese couple for over 40 years. That’s a long time and a lot of burgers flipped! 

Not being from PJ myself, I never got down to trying it until recently, when a colleague’s random cravings saw us driving there to ‘tapau’ orders for the whole office.


Off days are not fixed, so we were lucky that they were open! 🙂 You can opt for take away, but there are a few chairs under the tree where you can dine ‘al fresco’, so to speak lol.

Options available as per menu: chicken, beef, fish or hot dog. They apparently have a crab burger as well.


The patties here are homemade – none of that frozen sht – and grilled in butter, which makes it super fragrant and juicy. The smell wafting from the grill was enough to make our stomachs rumble. The buns are also given a light grilling to make them toasty and crisp. Diners can choose to add an egg + slice of cheese for a complete burgerlicious experience.


My beef burger + extra cheese = RM5.30. 


THIS. This is what good burgers should be about. Simple, no frills but oh-so-tasty.

The patty was flavourful, well seasoned and juicy, and I could really taste the difference and freshness in quality as compared to frozen patties. Instead of mayo which may overpower the taste of meat, the burger has just chilli sauce, onions and cucumbers.

My only qualm with it was the small portion. I could easily eat two and not be full 😀

Uncle and Auntie have been at it for 40 years and they don’t seem to have any apprentices, so better go get the burgers while they’re still at it! 🙂


Jalan 14/29 Section 14.

11.30am – 5pm


5 thoughts on “Review: Petaling Jaya’s legendary Jackson’s Burger, SS14

      1. On a side note, I hope some of their younger family members take up their mantle. It would be disheartening to see Jackson’s Burger close shop the moment the folks pass away.


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