Best Fried Keropok Lekor in Petaling Jaya @ PJ Seksyen 8

Keropok lekor is a popular fried fish snack in Malaysia, and you’ll often find them peddled from makeshift carts or food trucks on the street, freshly fried on the spot in a bubbling wok of hot oil. There are two kinds – the ‘crunchy’ type (or Keropok Lekor Keping) which is hard, long and crunchy, and the ‘stick’ variant (Keropok Lekor Goreng), a long tube of fried fish paste with a crispy texture on the outside and a solid bite on the inside.

I recently discovered a place near my office that serves these addictive treats. The bright red food truck is usually parked at the end of Lorong 8/1E in Seksyen 8, Petaling Jaya in the afternoon – although this depends on whether or not there’s parking space, so they aren’t there everyday.


Will you look at those beautiful golden goodies.

Aside from keropok lekor, they also have other traditional Malay fried snacks such as Cekodok Pisang (fried banana balls), pisang goreng (fried banana fritters), kuih and currypuffs. A giant bucket of chilli sauce

RM2 for 8 pieces. I remember the days when it used to be RM1 for 5.. dang I sound old. Haven’t tried the crispy one yet, but I really like the traditional tube-shaped ones. I polished off 16, by the way. .__.” They’re light and crispy, slightly porous on the inside, savoury without the overwhelming fish smell. Perfect, basically. Not too greasy either.

The fact that they’re not there everyday makes me appreciate them more lol. Maybe it’s also a good thing; otherwise I’d be stuffing my face with lekor everyday. 😀




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