Filipino Street Food: Chicken Intestines (Isaw)

Grilled chicken intestine might sound gross to some, but for many Filipinos, it is a well-loved snack, conveniently found at street corners all across the country. Known as isaw, the skewers are usually cooked over an open charcoal fire, the smell and smoke wafting over to passers-by, enticing them to get a few sticks.



I love the sweet, slightly charred flavour and its chewy texture, although some places prepare it better than others (some stalls don’t clean theirs very well, leaving a gamey taste). They are often sold together with items such as chunks of skewered roast pork, liver and a variety of barbecued meats.

Note: I think I have a fairly strong stomach, so I had this with no problems. If you’re not used to street food, though, better give this a pass or you might ruin your holiday!



Author: Luna

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