Ipoh Food Adventures


A trip back to Ipoh will not be complete without food, and some of the city’s best are dished up along Jalan Bijeh Timah (formerly Treacher Street). Whenever the fam and I come here for a visit, we stop by at least once for breakfast and lunch.


One of the most prominent landmarks in the area is Kinta Heights, a low/medium-cost flat built by the municipal council. Completed in 1982, it was once the highest building in town.  Notorious for suicides, the renovated version has been painted over in cheerful colours and the corridors/windows have been fitted over with grilles.



Sin Yoon Loong might be the more famous coffee shop, but the fam and I usually go to Nam Heong across the road as it is less crowded. You can still find Ipoh White Coffee, made from coffee beans roasted in palm oil margarine for a distinctive, aromatic flavour. Since it is roasted without sugar, the roast comes out in a lighter colour and is served with condensed milk, giving it the appearance of tea.


The usual stuff we have – noodles and yong liew – various fried and stuffed items that are served dry or in a soup. The specialty in Ipoh is yambean fritters or Sar Kok Liew, which are mixed with fish paste, rolled with beancurd, sliced and deep fried. It is crunchy on the outside with a slightly gooey texture on the inside.

Some other difficult-to-find items outside the city are stuffed pig’s skin and pork tendon balls.


Within the same stall is a very popular bakery selling baked buns, biscuits and Portuguese egg tarts. The line is usually long so if you want to have these hot out of the oven better come early! 🙂



Outside the shop is this uncle selling dai gao meen (literally translated to Big Face), or Apam Balik. The version here is crispy and filled with corn, peanuts and a dollop of margarine.


Fresh off the stove.


Light, crunchy and sweet on the inside. The perfect snack after a meal. 🙂


2, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia


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