Monster MilkShakes – Messed Up Family @ Garage 51, Bandar Sunway

Hey guys! So if you noticed, I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to(sad). I’ve been really busy with my freelancing work/errands and stuff.

To make it up to you, here’s a post from when S and I went to ‘celebrate’ his birthday last week 🙂


He wanted to try these gigantic milkshakes at Garage 51, Bandar Sunway. Who am I to say no to the birthday boy, right?

Garage 51 used to be, well… a garage. Before it was converted into a car-themed hipster cafe. The place is right across the road from Sunway University College and caters to a big student crowd. Place was packed for dinner/supper.


Inspired by the ‘messy milkshake’ trend from Australia, the two young brothers who helm Garage 51 decided to bring this monster of a dessert to Malaysia. It was a phenomenal hit when they first released it, but the hype seems to have died down a little. The original ‘Messed Up Family’ range had four drinks: the Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. Each had their own ‘personalities’ and matching ingredients. The Mother, for example, had a sweet and mellow Matcha Green Tea as a base, while the Daughter’s sunny disposition was shown through coconut and raisins. They have since expanded the menu to include seasonal releases like the Halloween Monster, and for Raya, the Bandung Milkshake.

S got The Son (above)), which had Hazelnut with Nutella and was topped over with salted pretzels, Perfecto Popcorn, cornflakes, marshmallow and a love letter stick.


I went for The Cousin – salted caramel topped with a huge chunk of brownie, and loads of whipped cream underneath. Like seriously. Half of that cup was whipped cream. Fat as hell but oh so satisfying.


Verdict: While they tasted good as far as sugary, creamy drinks go, I will never attempt to drink these again after having dinner (I had tacos at a shop next door). S and I were practically rolling to the car, trying not to throw up. Wasn’t that the drinks were bad, it was just too much for our aging stomachs. We’re not 18 anymore lol.

Each glass sells for Rm18.90.


51, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Business hours: 11AM – 11PM (closed Mondays)

Phone: 03-5612 5618

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