Skincare Review: Shiseido New White Lucent Series

For those of you blessed with flawless skin… congratulations. You are either at the good end of the genes pool, or you are a rich taitai who can afford thousand-dollar products and cosmetic surgery procedures to keep you youthful-looking even at 50. You’ll probably never understand how the rest of the world with bad skin feels like:  the frustration of trying so many different products but finding that nothing works, the ‘home’ remedies, the constant comparing with relatives/friends with clean, fair skin…..well, boom. Life’s unfair.

I wasn’t blessed with great genes. Ever since my teens, I’ve had an oily T-zone coupled with dry skin. Zits were (and still are) my best friends – through high school, college, and even the working world. They’ve definitely stuck around longer than some of my so called ‘friends’. But coming from a middle class family, I could never afford expensive, branded skincare products with all the infused Pitera and blablabla benefits… so I’ve always stuck with your regular, run-of-the-mill brands selling for RM20 at your local Tesco.

Recently, I went for a beauty event and they gave me a buttload of skincare kits. Expensive skincare kits. I know they’re probably not pricey to a rich taitai, but anything above RM500 a set is definitely beyond my meagre writer’s salary.

My first set was from Shiseido, a Japanese company that is considered one of the oldest in the world (started in 1872). The trial kit was for their New White Lucent, a recently launched range that promotes keeping a youthful appearance by lightening skin discoloration from sun exposure, brightening skin tone and more. It’s one of their best selling products in Asia since Asians are all crazy about having fair skin (I like my tan though). Apparently they don’t have actual bleaching agents (some products use that for the so-called ‘whitening’ effect: Asian girls, please check your products and stop obsessing over fair skin, as long as your skin is healthy and blemish-free then be happy goddamnit) so it’s safe to use.


Initially I was skeptical since I’ve tried so much sht and none of it works. The zits, especially, will be back like bad news when my period nears every month, no matter what I slap on my face or how I try to avoid oily fried food.

But since I had to write an article for work, I had to try this out for a whole week, everyday, morning and night. In the set was a facial wash(not pictured), a Luminizing Infuser (Softener), Microtargeting Spot Corrector(Serum) and Luminizing Surge (Emulsion). There was also an Ultimune Concentrate. The kit is small, but the actual-sized ones will cost well over RM1000+ in total. Considering that it can last for three months, it’s about RM350 month, but I’m perpetually broke so RM350 is what I usually spend for like a year of skincare lol.

But the results were clear (pun intended). Just a week later, my skin felt better. Of course it’s not some miracle stuff or whatnot, and I still had zits and patches of irritated skin, but it was also loads better. Even the pimples seemed less inflamed and smaller… the best part is right after putting all the products on the skin, it feels moisturized and bouncy. If I put it before bedtime and sleep in an air conditioned room, it still feels fresh in the morning.

The wash is a bit drying but putting the infuser and concentrate directly after moisturises the skin. Absorption is really fast and it goes in within a couple of seconds. All of the stuff smells really good too, since they use natural botanic ingredients like sakura extract, fruits and plants.


I still have a couple of red spots here and there, but it’s way better after I used the set. Usually around this time (which is just before Aunt Flo comes to visit), I will look absolutely horrible and ergo, feel terrible and prone to snapping anyone’s head off if they so much as comment on my face. I’m sure if I continue using it the effect will be even more pronounced, but we shall see.. my skin has a habit of building resistance against products. I’d buy a wash that is really good and six months down the road it has no effect at all and my zits are back to square one.

Now I know why some rich ladies have such good skin. I mean, if I can afford all these treatments and good products, I’d have flawless skin too. I don’t have the exact RM prices, but a check online : Luminiser Infuser (RM200), Spot Corrector (RM520), Luminizing Surge (RM240) and Ultimune Concentrate (RM268). So total: RM1100++.

On usual days, I spend RM300 bucks on skincare for six months by spacing it out – because to me, its not a priority and I have phone/car loans/bills/insurance to pay. But now that I’m in my mid 20s where skin goes downhill fast, perhaps I should consider this an investment.

Hm. Food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Skincare Review: Shiseido New White Lucent Series

  1. I feeL you! I wish I had all the money in the worLd to keep my face cLear.. I’m intrigued with the softener. Maybe I shouLd invest in it, too.


    1. Hey, thanks for reading! Yeah, I think the only way to clear skin (if you’re not born with good skin!) is investing in products that are suitable for you.. but sometimes they come at a steep price. If you do try it lemme know how it went for you 🙂


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