May 2021: Another Bath & Body Works Haul

Once in awhile, you come across a deal that’s just too good to pass up.

At least, that’s how I felt when I saw that luxury and lifestyle conglomerate Valiram was having a sale for brands under its wing, including Bath & Body Works. Last Christmas, I went overboard with my shopping so I still have a tub of body butter to finish, but I couldn’t resist getting more lotions – because you don’t get deals like these too often. “But aren’t you just spending money for things that you could have done without?” you ask. Perhaps, but since I AM going to use them, I don’t think they’re a total waste of money, so shush. 😛


The order came pretty fast and was nicely packaged.

Video if you’re lazy to read. Have you subscribed yet? #shamelessplug

Of course, buying things on sale means you won’t be getting the latest products or much variety, but I think that’s a fair trade – and if you haven’t tried something before, isn’t it essentially ‘new’? At their regular price, each bottle costs RM75, so 3 would have been around RM220+, but I got all of these for just RM56 (excluding shipping) – which means a 75% discount. Don’t you think that’s a steal?


The Winter Candy Apple has been a Christmas staple since 2014. If you like fruity scents, this one will be right up your alley, with fragrance notes of red apple, winter rose petals and candied orange, formulated with shea butter and added vitamin E.


My favourite among the bunch is the Lovely Dreamer, which has notes of fluffy musk, clean woods and fresh bergamot. The delectable concoction is whipped to luxurious perfection with coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E.


Last but not least, we have Forever Red. This is perfect for those romantic dinner dates (well, when we can go out again anyway), with top notes of fiery pomegranate, rare French peach and luminous apple, mid-notes of red peony, night marigold and red osmanthus, and dry notes of rich vanilla, velvety marshmallow and oak wood. If you’re envisioning a dessert of some kind, you’re not the only one. Dabbing some on before you sleep can help with relaxation; almost like aromatherapy.

With this, I am all set with my body care needs for the next 6 months!

Or at least until Christmas sale.

If you’re keen on grabbing some lotions, body shower gels or other pampering items, Valiram’s sale is still ongoing at You can also shop for other luxury and lifestyle brands under their umbrella, including Michael Kors, Montblanc, Godiva, Victoria’s Secret, Tory Burch, Swarovski, and more.

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Bath & Body Works Haul/My Lack of Self Control

I did it again.

After promising that I’d stop buying body care products after going crazy over Christmas sales … I saw an ad for a Bath & Body Works sale (items going for 60%!) .

Well. We all know what happened next.

Now I have three tubs of body butter to finish, hand creams that will probably sit on the shelf looking pretty, and a candle I don’t really need.

I regret nothing.


Ordered on a weekend night and it arrived three days later, so pretty efficient. Everything was nicely packed and sealed, although the body butter must have overturned sometime during the shipping process, because the mix was stuck to the top of the container when I opened it.


I’ve actually only had candles from Bath and Body Works before, so it’s also my first time trying their body care products. The Gingham series is one of their signatures, covering body lotion, fragrance, body cream, shower gel, and of course, body butter, which I got for RM38 (usual price RM70). Infused with shea butter and coconut oil, the butter is whipped to a fluffy consistency and it is fast-absorbing, providing 24 hours of intense moisture.

I think I like this more than The Body Shop Winter Jasmine body butter: with its fresh blend of bright florals, notes of blue freesia, sweet clementine and soft violet petals, plus a hint of sweet citrus, it smells more natural and makes you think of gentle spring mornings in the English woods, with flowers blooming all around you. The consistency is also super thick and it feels very hydrating.

The other item I got was a Leaves candle (RM38). BBW’s candles are quite expensive, and my self-restraint extended to buying the cheaper single-wick rather than the pricier three-wick candle. I had a Holiday Season 3-wick candle before and I really liked it (the throw was amazing and would fill my entire room), so I’m expecting good things from this one as well. Haven’t burned it yet, but it’s supposed to be a blend of crisp red apples, golden nectar and warm clove spice.

Video review below:


The Semi-Annual sale will be running for some time on, so if you’re looking to get cheap BBW products, now might be a good time to stock up. I think I’m set for the rest of the year lol. Until the next Christmas / New Year’s sale, then!


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Spook-tacular Halloween-Themed Treats From Lush

Halloween doesn’t have to begin or end on 31st October this year. Witch-ever tricks, treats or gifts you choose, you can fright and delight all winter long with these fun and spook-tacular Halloween-themed products from Lush. The great news? You can get order these online at and have them delivered straight to your homes. 



Be spellbound by this mystic bat bath bomb. Full of #BathArt worthy surprises, deep glittery waters await with a fresh, herbal scent that lingers.



To make the shadows retreat and recoil, fizz this ghoul of bright citrus oils. Don’t look, don’t scream, don’t give it
power, cleanse the air with pumpkin powder.



Inspired by the ruler of the pagan Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule features a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and
black pepper oil. Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine starts to flow, the popping candy crackles and the
festivities begin. 



This sweet & sour Halloween treat offers two layers of scrub – ghoulishly gorgeous green apple and blood red
sticky toffee, for a devilishly softened pout. 




Despite the name, there’s nothing you need to fear from this fun and bright yellow concoction. Embrace your sweet side with this bold, uplifting shower gel. Containing fresh lemon and fig juice, its palm and SLS free, plus it’s vegan. 



Raise your spirits and get hands – on with this spooky black slime packed with scrubby ground coconut shell!
This Lord of Misrule scented slime will soften and scrub your skin, leaving you ready for a night of trick and




Freshness from beyond the grave comes in this super citrusy soap. This treat has a trick – it glows in the dark when charged up in the light! If you’ve got it, haunt it.



Keep your ghoul and get ready to boogie on down to the bathroom for an enchanting monster mash of uplifting
essential oils. Remember, we scare because we care.



This friendly feline will boost your luck with blackberry-scented bubbles and plastic-free glitter. Purrfect for packaging-free bathing.

Order online at Happy Halloween!

*Photos courtesy of Lush PR.

Lush Opens Second Outlet At Sunway Pyramid !

When British cosmetics retailer Lush opened its first outlet in Malaysia at Pavilion KL back in 2018, fans of the brand rejoiced – bye bye, exorbitant shipping fees, hello lovely soaps and bath bombs ! You can read about my first visit here.

Now, just in time for the New Year, Lush has opened its second outlet at Sunway Pyramid – so good news for all the folks living this side of the Klang Valley! You won’t have to get stuck in the jam to Pavilion; just the jam at Sunway instead. 😛


Innovation and inspiration has been at the heart of Lush since it was started 24 years ago, and this is reflected in everything from its products and philosophy to the very design of its outlets. The Sunway Pyramid store is no exception. Spread across 741 square feet, the new shop is larger than the one at Pavilion KL, which means more space to showcase its products and features.


One of these is the Fresh Face Mask counter – a deli-inspired display for Lush’s iconic fresh face masks. Slate consultations are offered to customers where products are strung together to make a cohesive and personalised skincare regimen- including benefits on the products, demonstrations and pampering sessions.


Looks good enough to eat (please don’t)


Expect to find the brand’s iconic bath bombs, soaps, shower jellies, and much, much more.



Embracing the environmental movement, the shop is outfitted to eliminate wastage and recycle materials where possible. Many of the products are ‘naked’ (ie no packaging), and if you do need to buy them as gifts, there are beautiful fabric wraps (reusable, and so pretty!) that you can purchase. That aside, the shop uses an LED lighting scheme to save on energy, while all paint and internal materials have been carefully selected to have a minimal environmental impact. No products used have ingredients tested on animals.

CR2_0997 Final

Attractive, colourful displays.


Creams and skincare products


Shampoo bars


Curious about a particular product? Try them out! The friendly staff are always on hand to assist.


G1.53, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, Selangor


**Photos courtesy of Lush PR. 


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Skincare Review: Shiseido New White Lucent Series

For those of you blessed with flawless skin… congratulations. You are either at the good end of the genes pool, or you are a rich taitai who can afford thousand-dollar products and cosmetic surgery procedures to keep you youthful-looking even at 50. You’ll probably never understand how the rest of the world with bad skin feels like:  the frustration of trying so many different products but finding that nothing works, the ‘home’ remedies, the constant comparing with relatives/friends with clean, fair skin…..well, boom. Life’s unfair.

I wasn’t blessed with great genes. Ever since my teens, I’ve had an oily T-zone coupled with dry skin. Zits were (and still are) my best friends – through high school, college, and even the working world. They’ve definitely stuck around longer than some of my so called ‘friends’. But coming from a middle class family, I could never afford expensive, branded skincare products with all the infused Pitera and blablabla benefits… so I’ve always stuck with your regular, run-of-the-mill brands selling for RM20 at your local Tesco.

Recently, I went for a beauty event and they gave me a buttload of skincare kits. Expensive skincare kits. I know they’re probably not pricey to a rich taitai, but anything above RM500 a set is definitely beyond my meagre writer’s salary.

My first set was from Shiseido, a Japanese company that is considered one of the oldest in the world (started in 1872). The trial kit was for their New White Lucent, a recently launched range that promotes keeping a youthful appearance by lightening skin discoloration from sun exposure, brightening skin tone and more. It’s one of their best selling products in Asia since Asians are all crazy about having fair skin (I like my tan though). Apparently they don’t have actual bleaching agents (some products use that for the so-called ‘whitening’ effect: Asian girls, please check your products and stop obsessing over fair skin, as long as your skin is healthy and blemish-free then be happy goddamnit) so it’s safe to use.


Initially I was skeptical since I’ve tried so much sht and none of it works. The zits, especially, will be back like bad news when my period nears every month, no matter what I slap on my face or how I try to avoid oily fried food.

But since I had to write an article for work, I had to try this out for a whole week, everyday, morning and night. In the set was a facial wash(not pictured), a Luminizing Infuser (Softener), Microtargeting Spot Corrector(Serum) and Luminizing Surge (Emulsion). There was also an Ultimune Concentrate. The kit is small, but the actual-sized ones will cost well over RM1000+ in total. Considering that it can last for three months, it’s about RM350 month, but I’m perpetually broke so RM350 is what I usually spend for like a year of skincare lol.

But the results were clear (pun intended). Just a week later, my skin felt better. Of course it’s not some miracle stuff or whatnot, and I still had zits and patches of irritated skin, but it was also loads better. Even the pimples seemed less inflamed and smaller… the best part is right after putting all the products on the skin, it feels moisturized and bouncy. If I put it before bedtime and sleep in an air conditioned room, it still feels fresh in the morning.

The wash is a bit drying but putting the infuser and concentrate directly after moisturises the skin. Absorption is really fast and it goes in within a couple of seconds. All of the stuff smells really good too, since they use natural botanic ingredients like sakura extract, fruits and plants.


I still have a couple of red spots here and there, but it’s way better after I used the set. Usually around this time (which is just before Aunt Flo comes to visit), I will look absolutely horrible and ergo, feel terrible and prone to snapping anyone’s head off if they so much as comment on my face. I’m sure if I continue using it the effect will be even more pronounced, but we shall see.. my skin has a habit of building resistance against products. I’d buy a wash that is really good and six months down the road it has no effect at all and my zits are back to square one.

Now I know why some rich ladies have such good skin. I mean, if I can afford all these treatments and good products, I’d have flawless skin too. I don’t have the exact RM prices, but a check online : Luminiser Infuser (RM200), Spot Corrector (RM520), Luminizing Surge (RM240) and Ultimune Concentrate (RM268). So total: RM1100++.

On usual days, I spend RM300 bucks on skincare for six months by spacing it out – because to me, its not a priority and I have phone/car loans/bills/insurance to pay. But now that I’m in my mid 20s where skin goes downhill fast, perhaps I should consider this an investment.

Hm. Food for thought.