Tony Roma’s, Nu Sentral


The famed Tony Roma’s franchise needs no introduction. Founded in Florida, the chain is popular for their steaks and ribs, with 150 restaurants in 27 countries worldwide. But while I see it at shopping malls often, I’ve never actually dined at one because my family isn’t big on western food and steaks.


Evelyn and I went to the one in Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur recently. Very spacious seating, dark and cosy, prompt and friendly service. They served us a complimentary bread roll with a small pat of garlic butter. The toasty roll was crisp but fluffy and really warmed our starving stomachs!


Since Evelyn’s on a vegetarian diet, she had Tony’s Asian Salad: fresh chopped Asian greens, diced red peppers, sweet Thai chilli sauce, cilantro, fried wanton strips and sesame seeds, served with Pan Asian dressing.

The latter had a very appetising and aromatic sesame flavour that was so good, we even dipped our other food into it. For meat eaters who still want a dose of healthy green, add some protein with grilled/crispy chicken or salmon.



The carnivore in me demanded I order a filet mignon, served with a mountain of crispy onion rings and mashed potato, all bathed in a beef jus.

What can I say? TR really delivers. Everything on the plate didn’t disappoint. The mashed potato was creamy, with small chunks of potato in it for an extra bite, and the sweet onion rings were fresh and crispy on the outside. The boneless beef tenderloin, done to medium well as per request, was still quite bloody but it blended with the jus well so there wasn’t too much of an iron-y taste. Although I still think the best steak is from The Ship, Tony Roma’s is pretty good + value for money.

Tony Roma’s (Nu Sentral)

Lot 5.01, Level 5, NuSentral,

No. 201 Jalan Tun Sambathan,

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Phone: 03 – 2276 5593

Open daily 

It was a really fun day hanging out with Evelyn, and I was sad to see her leave so soon. Let’s catch up again some time! 🙂

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