A Kronenbourg 1664 Party / The Ship KL

I joined a contest on Facebook for Kronenbourg 1664 (A French beer), and was chosen as one of their lucky 25 pairs to be in the running for an exclusive Dinner in the Sky event on Wednesday. Why mid-week? Coz the guys at Kronenbourg are all about celebrating ‘work-life’ balance – hence the rushing home from Balakong at 5pm, speed showering and changing in 15mins, popping over to Carmen’s, and then speeding off to KL in peak rush hour. Despite leaving early, we were almost late coz of the traffic!

In case you’re wondering what Dinner in the Sky is…


It’s a dinner table which seats 22 people, held up 150ft in the sky by a crane. They’ve organised it all over the world and this month, KL was chosen as it’s next destination. The space in the middle allows a chef to serve you while you’re strapped into your chair. A five course meal is served, and you can enjoy the view of KL while wining and dining for RM600 per pax.

And the answer is no, they don’t have toilets up there.


We registered at the counter and were ushered into a cramped tent, where we got to redeem free beers and stand around tiny cocktail tables. Me being me, and Carmen being Carmen, we didn’t ‘mingle around’ like the other guests – we took selfies, talked amongst ourselves, and waited for the selection process to begin.

The host kept singling us out, saying that we looked ‘bored’ and ‘expressionless.’ “Are you not enjoying yourselves?” asked this particular curly-haired specimen. “Why are you so quiet?”

You did not just ask that question. How would you like it if I asked you “Why are you so talkative?” in a social situation, in front of other guests? Rude much? You’re not making me feel welcomed here, and it’s going to be even more awkward to socialise when you have pointed out that we are not socialising.

You see, this is the problem with #restingbitchface. It’s not the first time people have come up to me and be like “Why are you quiet?””Are you bored?””Are you shy?””Do you not like…?

It’s not that I’m bored or expressionless or being haughty. It’s just my face. So. Stop. Asking. I’m an introvert by nature, and I don’t believe in talking when there is nothing to talk about. The thing about many extroverts is they want to push you into becoming like them, but introverts take their own time and pace to open up, and it makes us very uncomfortable and awkward when you put us in the spot like that.

Anyway, we didn’t get selected. We didn’t mind as much at first because we had canapes, but they were served slowly and everyone was hungry and there wasn’t enough to go around. Having beer on empty stomachs was not a good idea, and the host (god knows why) singled us out again, saying ‘our two friends here are so expressionless’. I had enough of him by then, so I poked Carmen and we went to redeem our six bottles of free beer and left for some real food.

Thanks Kronenbourg 1664 for the invite and all, but… maybe get another host next time? It just ruined everything for us, and we were having fun before that despite how ‘expressionless’ we appeared to be. Your host needs to work on being more professional.

Anyway, the guys who were selected seemed to be having loads of fun, so good for them. 🙂



It was 9pm by the time we got to our own party. We decided to go to The Ship, a restaurant modeled after… you guessed it, a ship. Built like the interior of an old ship’s cabin, the place was decorated with 20th century nautical items. The red booths each had lamps on the corners, while the walls were adorned with faded oil-on-canvas paintings. The servers are all dressed in cabin crew uniforms.


Bar area. Despite being late on a weekday night, the restaurant was packed with tourists and families.


The Ship is famed for their steaks!


Service was prompt and friendly. Each meal comes with a complementary basket of rolls and butter. The rolls were fluffy and toasty, and the butter melted right into them.


This was my second time having escargots. The first was in Paris while on my Europe tour. If you can get past the fact that you’re eating cute, slimy snails, they taste like chicken lol okay no they taste like clams. Chewy, springy and tasteless on their own, but the cheesy garlic butter sauce that came with it was amazing. Sopped it up with bread and even our salad until you could have used our plate as a mirror.


Carmen’s sizzling steak, which was served with thick fries and tomatoes in a brown sauce. They give you a napkin to tuck into your front so that you don’t spatter it all over your clothes.


I had fillet mignon – served with fries, mixed vegetables and a thin slice of ham in thick, savoury brown sauce. The generous slab of meat was big enough to satisfy my carnivourous cravings, and was done medium rare (requested). I don’t have much experience eating steaks so I thought medium rare would be good, but it was a tad too bloody. Must order ‘medium’ next time. The meat was prime grade though – juicy, tender, seared on the outside and pink on the inside.




102, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So what started off as an evening at a free event turned into our private party instead. While I appreciate that the organisers invited us to come for the lucky draw, I didn’t appreciate the host singling us out like that and it just made the whole experience rather… shitty.

I had a lot of fun catching up with Carmen though. 🙂

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