The Griddle Cafe, Los Angeles

Can’t get enough of pancakes?

Even the most hardcore pancake lovers can have their fill at The Griddle Cafe, Los Angeles. The place serves humongous portions of the American breakfast staple in a variety of flavours, from plain to blueberry and banana, to chocolate and savoury types.


Was there on a Saturday morning and the place was packed – lucky to get seats. The inside is cozy with a brick wall on one side, open air grill and wooden tables.


Tea with milk to kickstart the day!


Waiting for food. Our order took awhile to get to the table, but it was a Saturday and we didn’t have much sightseeing to do, so we took our time.


We ordered a banana pancake. IT. WAS. FUCKING. HUGE. When it came to our table I was like wtf how are we supposed to finish this? Served in a stack with a dollop of butter on top and dusted with sugar, the pancakes could easily serve a small army. Now you know how food tends to deteriorate in quality when the portions are big? None of that over here. The pancakes were soft and so fluffy it felt like a bouncy party was happening in my mouth. I like how they were not too sweet to the point of being cloying.


I didn’t know that they were that big and had wanted something savoury so I also got two eggs sunny side up and four strips of bacon. ._.”


All dat food though

We ended up having half of the pancake to go and ate it later for dinner.

If you don’t like bananas, they still have a huge selection to choose from with quirky names like ‘Yellow Brick Road’, ‘Teachers Pet’ that reflect the ingredients in the pancake. They also serve eggs, tacos, burritos and other American fare. I think the price is quite reasonable considering the portion.



7916 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States
Hours :
7am – 4pm (Mon-Fri)

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