Mad Hatter Sunday Champagne Brunch@ Shook!

It’s a lazy Sunday morning. How about an appointment with the Red Queen over delicious food ?

Last month, I got to go to Shook!’s Feast Village for their Mad Hatter Sunday Champagne Brunch – a buffet brunch inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous novel. It was my first time there and I really liked what they have done with the place.

Guests entering the open-air area on the lower ground floor will have to walk through a giant clock archway. They are then greeted by a lively cast inspired by Alice’s adventures – there’s the Mad Hatter himself, the Red Queen and a host of other characters milling about amidst giant teapots and books.

And of course there’s food. Glorious food, prepared by four kitchens featuring Japanese, Italian, Western and Chinese cooking.


The food is displayed along the buffet line at the open-air kitchens, where you can also watch the chefs in action.


So. Much. Food. But a girl’s got to start somewhere! The pasta and cold cuts counter seemed like a good place…


Whenever I’m at a buffet line, I try to take a little bit of everything to taste, but I always end up sticking to something I have tried before and like lol. In this case, it’s always the smoked duck, which has a layer of fat to balance out the lean meat.


Cheese – so many different kinds! I initially thought that big round thing that all the small cheese were sitting on was a wooden table – turns out it was cheese as well.



A seafood fricasee which was somewhat overly creamy. It was chock full of ingredients though – chewy, springy squid, shrimp and mussels.


Fried snacks at the Chinese counter – stuffed crabs, chicken wings, fish cakes, money pouches and more. Chefs were also chopping up roasted duck and chicken meat upon request.


Fun, quirky decorations for your Instagram account.



Open centre court. I like how they had shiny stars hanging from the mall’s ceiling. 🙂 ‘Dining under the stars’… so to speak.


Seafood lovers are not left out. There were fresh giant clams, Atlantic blue mussels and large tiger prawns.


Performers serenading the crowd as they enjoy their food.


One of my favourite sections is of course the Japanese kitchen. Here, ramen and udon were served in delicate bowls, before being poured over with piping hot miso soup.

The portions are bite-sized and served in tiny cups to encourage patrons to try a bit of everything. I had chuka idaako (marinated baby octopus), inari (tofu stuffed with rice), hotate (scallop), fresh butterfish, maguro (tuna) and salmon cuts.



Salmon gravlax.


The Dessert Bar looked so good that I was contemplating writing another post for it – there were so many varieties to choose from! Colourful sweet treats lined a buffet area decorated with white picket fences. From chocolate eclairs to meringues, cakes and lollipops, this was a true ‘Wonderland’. Some looked too good to eat.


(Top right) ‘Red Velvet Pillows’ (a fitting name!), it was basically a soft, fluffy vanilla cream wrapped in a thin raspberry-flavoured skin with a berry centre, sitting atop a slice of spongy red velvet cake. Heaven.

SAM_6340-tile SAM_6342-tile SAM_6346-tile  SAM_6359-tile

A Macaron tree – almost too pretty to be plucked from.

SAM_6361-tile Pot Au Chocolate – another winning dessert. Creamy, velvety chocolate mouse topped with gold leaf. Melt-in-your-mouth, thick, chocolatey goodness.

If you’d like to spoil yourself silly with a treat this Sunday, the Champagne brunch is RM268++ per person with free-flowing Moet and Chandon. Food only is priced at RM168++ per person.

SHOOK! Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery,

181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL (Tel: 03-2782 3875).

Operating hours: 6am-11pm.

Brunch: 12pm to 4pm.


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