Banh Mi in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Have you tried banh mi? Although the term is used to describe all kinds of bread in Vietnamese, it is synonymous with the sandwich version. Vietnamese cooking is very much influenced by the French, thanks to centuries of colonisation, and the banh mi is the perfect marriage of cultures. There is the hard baguette, mayo, pate and jalepeno, combined with native Viet ingredients like cilantro, cucumber, carrots and daikon + slices of meat.

While in Ho Chi Minh City, we tried a stall just outside a local plaza – and were mindblown by how tasty it was. All for only 5,000VND (less than Rm1!).


Thick slabs of different meats such as charsiu slices and pork belly lined the display window along with bread, veggies and sauces. The lady ladled a hot meaty broth straight into our bread before loading it with lots of veggies. The result was a beautiful blend of textures and flavours  : crunchy, wheaty bread, juicy chunks of pork and broth, fresh veggies… it’s true that the best food is found on the streets.

So if you’re ever around Ho Chi Minh City, do look out for street peddlers selling banh mi for a tasty and cheap meal. 🙂


We went souvenir shopping at a local plaza.

There were so many shops selling the same items. Competition must be mad, which is why the saleswomen literally drag you by your shirt to look at their wares. There were lots of snacks, fruits and coffee at cheap prices. To maximise on foreign tourists, they even sell things like Kopi Luwak along with their Viet cofee. (Kopi Luwak is the coffee made from civet cat poop, popular in Indonesia).  I bought more sweets to go.. my bag was bulging by the end of the trip lol. I almost went over my baggage limit on the plane.



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