Port Village Seafood Restaurant, Port Klang

Dinner at Port Village seafood restaurant, all the way in Port Klang !  According to reviews, this place dishes out pretty good seafood.

The decor is made to look like a touristy seaside/riverside restaurant, with wooden planks over mangroves. The mangrove area was muddy and smelled bad, no thanks to the indiscriminate garbage dumping from the restaurant/patrons. I wondered why anyone would want to eat in this kind of ‘ambience’. >-> Note: Not my choice to eat here. lol.

On the left were some overcrowded fish tanks housing live dinner for the night. Poor fishies.

Well, I have to say the evening view is quite pretty.

Mantis shrimp. Google the ‘edible’ ones, because there are over 400 species. They look like stuff from a nightmare, lol. They are called so because the shrimp looks like a praying mantis/cockroach. Texture wise, this crustacean is often deep fried because it has a soft, squishy feel like lobster, not springy like shrimp. When cooked right, it is tasty. We had it battered in salted duck egg. Pretty decent, although a bit too salty for me.

Teet Barn Tau Foo (hotplate tofu).Eggy tofy is cooked in a thick brown gravy and mixed with Shiitake mushrooms and minced pork. The pork was minced well and chewy to the bite, while the tofu was smooth and silky.

However, again, the sauce was a little salty for me. @-@ Maybe they’re just heavy handed with the flavouring, or my tongue sucks.

Stir-fried veges was good, and that’s saying something coz I don’t like eating greens 😛

Steamed red snapper (?) The fish was a little overcooked, but otherwise it was good. I love pouring garlic soy sauce over white rice. 🙂 The best part of the fish are the cheeks, coz they’re smooth and tender.


Lms-A-12800, Tanjung Harapan, Lingkaran Sultan Hishamuddin, 42000, Port Klang, Selangor, 42000
03-3176 4530

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