30 Day Challenge Day 8

Jinxing myself.

I just mentioned in my previous 30 day challenge entry that I haven’t missed a single day yet. And now I’ve skipped two days consecutively. Not that I did it on purpose..I’ve been sick. Massive headaches, violent chills in the middle of the night, fever, cough and flu. I don’t usually fall sick, but when I do it’s like everybody comes to visit at the same time.

Anyway, since I’m resting at home, might as well do a couple of challenges that I missed.

Three things you want to say to different people.

This is hard. However talkative I appear in my blogs (judging from the endless blabbing in my entries), I am a very quiet person in real life. People who are close to me know I’m outwardly stoic and solid. In fact, the few close girl friends I have, have all told me that if I were a guy, they’d marry me coz I’m reliable and a good listener*wtf is that a compliment?*

Which is why I’m not good at telling people stuff face to face. Writing, on the other hand, is much easier. Anyway…

To the Parents

Somewhere along the lines, I grew up, and you grew older. With work commitments and what not, sometimes I forget to pay as much attention as I’d like to other things, like spending time with you, or just telling you how much you mean to me. I know you won’t be around forever, but I choose to look past the gray hairs sprouting over your heads and pretend you will be, because I cannot imagine how life would be like without you.

So the next time I’m being a neurotic bitch, I need to remind myself that my parents are the best in the world and the things they do are out of love. I am forever grateful to you for bringing me up to be the person I am today.I know in your eyes, I’ll always be the bubbly little girl I was as a child. And I just want to say I love you. 🙂

To the Best Friend

Thank you for being there for me through times good and bad. I know it’s a difficult time for you right now, and I wish I could be by your side. I know you’re a strong person and that you’ll make it through all the challenges. Just know that if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to, I’m here for you. Stay strong, girl. And I pray for your safe delivery. Can’t wait to be a godmom!

To the Bullies

It’s been a long time, but the psychological trauma from the pain you inflicted me has gone well into my adult life. I try not to let it affect the quality of my everyday life, but sometimes it’s hard when you have feelings of rejection, being an outcast and inadequacy due to the years back in school. I know you were probably young and stupid when you did those things, but there was no reason to do so.

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