30 Day Challenge – Day 21

Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs. 

Everyone has something they look for in their significant other, and things that are just deal-breakers. For today’s challenge, it’s going to be about what turns me on, or off. (That makes me sound like a friggin switch, but yeah. lol.)


Physical appearance. Not to sound shallow, but it is a fact that physical appearances are a huge factor when it comes to being attracted to someone for the first time. Note that it differs from person to person. Some people might find chubby people attractive, some might not. Note that it’s different from judging a person for their appearance. It’s just that our brains tell us that we like certain physical traits on someone. For myself, I have a tendency (I didn’t even notice until someone pointed out to me) to like skinny guys. With small eyes.

Brainiacs. Well, they don’t have to be the stereotypical nerd-kind (not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m a nerd myself), but the ability to hold a good conversation, good general knowledge of current affairs and good understanding of concepts is a plus.  My ex-bf was a super brainy kind when it comes to general knowledge. He was dubbed the Walking Wikipedia by his friends lol. But then again, you wouldn’t be able to tell from his physical appearance coz he looks 100% hipster(complete with skinny pants, Sebago slip-ons, lens-free black frames and chequered shirts). And he’s a graphic designer, not some science student. We used to talk for hours on the vagaries of the universe and theories of how dinosaurs were killed and how religion is just a means of the powerful elite to control the masses. Derp.

Character. At the end of the day, what makes two people click are their characteristics, traits and values they hold true to themselves. If all of the above are matched but your values clash, it’s not gonna work out anyway. For me, as much as I think females should be empowered and independent, I still have an old school thinking when it comes to guys and responsibilities. I think men should be head of their households, with women supporting them in both career (bring home the bacon, equally!) and family. Nothing turns me on more than a guy with a strong sense of responsibility, who can take care of his woman’s needs both financially and emotionally. And which girl doesn’t want to be swept off their feet by sweet gestures? A man who isn’t afraid of telling and showing his girl that he loves her gets ten points in my book.


I would like to think that I’m (generally) a tolerant person, so I can put up with a lot of things. But there are a couple of things that would be deal-breakers for me.

Sloppiness. I might not be a hypochondriac like someone else in my household, and I’m pretty messy myself, but at least I take an effort in making sure that I shower/brush regularly, shave and whatnot. I do not leave dishes in the sink for a week, nor do I live in a state of absolute filth. If you’re the type that changes your underwear once in three days (by flipping it inside out) then sorry, baby. I might love you but I don’t think I could live with you.

People who constantly try to change me. I like being me, a lot. I may be socially awkward, bad at parties and difficult to get along with when you first get to know me, but I like being me. I absolutely hate it when people judge my character and/or try to change me by saying shit like “You should do this…””You shouldn’t be like this…” Like seriously, fuck off. If you like me, you should accept me for who I am and not try to change me. “You should go out more and mix around”. <– Deal breaker line. Don’t force me to be a social animal. Well basically, if you’re not understanding enough of how I AM, then that would turn me off to the point of no return. I’ll just have a really bad impression of you forever.

Well there you have it. Til the next challenge!

30 Day Challenge – Day 20

Is it Day 20 already? wow. 10 more days til completion! Can’t believe I’ve been at it faithfully for 20 days. Sure, I missed a couple of days here and there but I always made up for it by doing two or three in a day. Anyway.

Concerts I have attended. 

I was a big fan of gigs and music concerts when I was with my ex. So I dragged him along to gigs by local bands and indie festivals. But my first major concert was Tokio Hotel back in 2009.

Credit: just.yoga 

The experience was interesting, to say the least. I was a huge fan of TH in my Diploma days (fangirl-dom, ha!). Lined up at the venue since morning armed with an umbrella to protect from the blazing sun. It started raining around evening, and we were stuck for two hours in the cold til they finally came out to perform. Dayum it was worth it. They can really perform well live. The problem with Malaysian crowds is that they’re not very responsive, so only me and CK were jumping like crazy. A couple of other teenagers nearby told us “Dude, you really look like you’re enjoying yourself.” Well of course. It was my first concert. Derp.

credit: Carlos Nizam, Flickr

I went for The Cranberries live last year, with my designer, Joey, back at the mag I used to work for. She got free tix, and I grew up listening to this legendary band so it was perfect. The crowd knew every song off by heart, so it was like a giant sing-along. Dolores-O-Riordan can really belt it even at 40 plus (and she looks hot to boot). It was also the first time I was in such a big stadium.

Other than that, I’ve been to smaller scale ones like Urbanscapes (featuring Yuna), gigs at The Bee by Free Deserters, The Metaphor and OJLaw, Hidden Sessions Vol.4 at The Actors Studio @Lot 10, and a couple more local stuff. I haven’t had time (or people who are interested) to go to gigs with me so far. ;w; It’s been ages since my last concert.

Til next post!

30 Day Challenge – Day 17

What do you want to be when you’re older? 


I turned 23 two days ago, and I have no idea how to answer this question.

My best friend gave birth on September 2 to a cute baby boy. They named him Max (short for Maximilian) and it feels funny to be a godmom, and that your bestie already has a baby. It seemed only yesterday we were two high school kids joining the Comic Club, painting murals together on school walls for projects and checking out cute guys at the mall.

My other long time friend of ten years is already earning twice as much as I am, doing part time work planning for her business set-up, scouting around for homes to invest in (she dragged me along to Semenyih to view some semi-Ds).

My best guy friend is in the States. He recently got his working visa to stay. He’ll most probably settle down in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, here I am, slogging away at two jobs (I recently took up teaching college kids), saving up for travelling (I’m saving up so that I can go backpacking for a year somewhere), paying for my car loan for the next five years, staying at my parents.


Of course I have no fucking idea what I want to be when I’m older. 

30 Day Challenge – Day 15

Sometimes I look at him and think, is this guy really mine ? :>


…..And sometimes he doesn’t act like it. *weeps*

….But then sometimes he’s sweet as fahk and it makes me forgive him for making me cry.

….And sometimes he’s just funny as hell.



Yep. I don’t even know what kind of relationship we’re having.

30 Day Challenge Day 14

Challenge Day 14 – Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes. 

My heart immediately started racing at the thought of all these drool-worthy men wahahaha. The hard part was picking five. xD Here it is – my list of five celebrity crushes.

1# JAY PARK (Park Jaebom) 

If I could sum up how my dream guy looks like, it would be in the form of Jay Park. Like wtfboy ur one hella fine. He has that ultra cute-guy-next-door vibe to him, the popular Asian kid in college everyone thought was the shizz. I love his eyes, they make perfect crescent shapes when he laughs.Not to mention one super hot bod. Hmmmm. *wipes corner of mouth*. His tatts look great on him too. And have I mentioned hot bod yet?


Well apart from his good looks which has girls all over the world tripping over their feet trying to get close to him, he’s also a talented singer and dancer. Have you seen his moves? Boy can rap AND dance up a storm.


This vid makes me feel faint. *swoons*

I actually did know a Korean boy from NJ who looked like Jay Park. His name was AJ, and he had the exact same crescent shaped eyes Jay Park has omg I was so attracted bahaha. It didn’t work out though.



This frontman of popular alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars is not only good at singing (and screaming), playing music and acting (one of the rare singers who can actually act), he is bygolly one of the most yummilicious looking guys on the planet. And get this: he’s in his 40s. Like how do you even look that good at 40 anyway?

And he makes inspirational music! What’s not to like?

3# Dumbfoundead (Johnathan Park)

…Maybe I have a penchant for bad-boy looking East Asians lol. I think Dumb is really cute (his expression reminds me of a koi fish! with the moustache and everything haha). It can’t be denied that he’s also a good rapper who made it into the difficult American rap scene (there aren’t many Asians who have a big following or managed to break into the market). So, respect.


…And also coz I love his Koreatown tatt. heh



I have a thing for gingers. I can’t understand why people think they look ugleh/are weird/ whatever. Fiery red hair is so hot 😀 Rupert Grint has been my childhood crush since Harry Potter first came out. I mean, I loved the character in the book as well, but RG plays him to the tee. Actually, the only real reason I even watched the movies was coz of Rupert Grint.


Those eyes… *blushes and looks at toes*.

I mean, if he’s anything like the character he plays irl, I would love to have a guy like him for a boyfriend. Down-to-earth, a loyal friend, a best friend apart from being a boyfriend. He seems to be an excellent kisser too, from that movie Cherrybomb. hurhurhur



He kinda looks like Kurt Cobain right? But the similarity ends at looks, coz Tom’s music is of a different genre. He has a beautiful voice, beautiful porcelain doll-like skin, is tall and lanky (I somehow like these types :P), talented and cute. What’s not to crush on?

There you have it! Five celebrity crushes. Some other guys who I really wanted to put on this list as well:

  • -Justin Nozuka (those sharp, chiselled Pan Asian features, maygawd)
  • -Alex Turner (Artic Monkey’s frontman. Tousled hair and dark eyes. woo)

Yes, I know. Most of these guys are either Asian or British. I have a thing for English guys. I think their accents are super hot. I think that’s what initially attracted me to T.. He’s Asian AND British okwtf. Well ofc I like him for other things.. Like the fact that he’s cute, he’s funny and he makes me laugh, I feel comfy around him (but he can also be a meanass and make me cry at times.)

By the way, sleepy time. Happy drooling, ladies!

30 Day Challenge Day 13

Three confessions of your choice. 

My my, juicy confessions. *rubs hands in glee*


Meh it’s not fun when it’s your own. Here they are:

1) When at work and I disappear from my seat for long periods of time, chances are I’m playing Candy Crush or napping on the toilet seat. K THERE I SED IT DONT TELL MY BAUS.

2) I talk to cats as if they are babies.

3) I give imaginary rockstar interviews in the shower. Yeah.