30 Day Challenge Day 7

Today’s topic for the 30-day challenge! I’ve been doing this for a week and so far so good, haven’t missed any yet.

Do you read? What are your favourite books? 

I am an avid reader. My dream is to one day have my own library. With the way things are now – my OCD book buying syndrome:  buying books left and right without actually having time to finish reading them, my shelves are already filled with books. I might have to move them to storage boxes under the bed soon coz there is not enough space. Mum’s been nagging me to give some away, but like a hoarder I cant seem to part with a single one.

I have lots of favourite books, but I’m just gonna share a few that I never tire reading of.



My first Harry Potter book was actually the second in the series: The Chamber of Secrets. My cousin lent it to me when I was back visiting my hometown. Most of my classmates didn’t like reading (Malaysian kids. Go figure) so I had never heard of the spectacular adventures of this boy wizard. No doubt by the first few pages, I was hooked. I spent the rest of my visit with my nose buried in the book, nearly reading it to tatters as I brought it to the dining table, to the mall, everywhere. Once I got back, I bought the first book so that I could read from the start. The collection slowly expanded right up til high school and college.

It felt like something in me died when the book ended.

I grew up reading the HP series. I know every child secretly wished for a letter from Hogwarts.. including yours truly. 😛 Most people my age felt a strong connection to the characters because they grew up as we grew up: it was like they were close friends, a part of our lives. I loved the movie series too, as all the actors are my age.

There have been ups and downs in the HP books. Personally, I didn’t really like Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince. But I liked how Rowling’s writing became increasingly darker as the story progressed – it wasn’t all magical rainbows and unicorns all the way through. I also liked how she tackled issues like friendship, love and the battle of good against evil, encouraging values such as bravery, honesty, courage in the face of diversity, things we all need in real life.



I admit it. I’ve never heard of Tolkien’s works until a brilliant filmmaker by the name of Peter Jackson decided to adapt it to the bigscreen. I. LOVE. THE. MOVIE. Me and my bro have watched it so many times we can recite parts of the dialogue from heart. But this meant that I only started reading the books when I was in late high school. Tolkien is by far my favourite author, and no one has been able to compare to him in my books. Engaging storytelling, the world of Middle Earth is told through such vibrant detail one can almost envision the sweeping panoramas of the land, the characters, and their quest to defeat evil. Tolkien was a master of linguistics, creating entire languages and writings for the races inhabiting his world.

I have been told that not everyone enjoys Tolkien’s books because of the way it is written. It is not simple and straightforward language, but prosy, complicated and absolutely beautiful. It makes it a joy to read each sentence. The Hobbit is much simpler than the LOTR series, but has the same witty charm.

If I were to put a ‘human’ face to the books, I would describe Lord of The Rings as being a wise old grandfather; ripe with knowledge and power, and yet with joy that bubbles forth like a sudden spring in the woods. Just like Gandalf, the wizard character in the books.



Last, but surely not least, is the Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

I also found out about this gem of a book from the movie adaptation. 😛 I absolutely loved the concepts depicted in the film, especially when it comes to spirituality, religion and soul-searching. The idea is original and fresh, and the way Martel describes it brings to life a kaleidoscope of colours and visuals to the mind. Each sentence is rich and full, like the swollen belly of a mother giving birth. You have to read it to understand. But yeah, it was a fascinating story – about an Indian boy who loses everything and shares a boat with a Bengal tiger, trying to survive the ocean. The relationship between Pi and the tiger, Richard Parker, is one that the reader can feel a true connection with various persons/things in our own lives. It really makes you reflect, and think.


There you go – my all time favourite books. If you haven’t read them before, do try to pick one up sometime soon! Meanwhile, feel free to suggest more good books – I’m always game for a great read.

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