Why I’ll never be Rich

So I got back home at 2 am last night after my friend somehow managed to convince me to go to ‘this talk’.

She’s a good friend of mine from college, so it didn’t seem right to just say no to her. I didn’t really know what it was gonna be about (neither did I imagine it was gonna take all night), so I agreed to tag along. She said she’d fetch me from my house after I got off work.

The place was a posh apartment in KL. We were an hour late, but they’d just started (typical Malaysian time!).

What my friend didn’t tell me was that it was conducted by a Taiwanese dude. Being the twinkie that I am, I couldn’t understand Mandarin that well. Here is the gist though.

It was basically a talk on ‘direct marketing’ from X company. They insisted it wasn’t direct selling since you don’t have to BUY products per se, just recommend people into the scheme and they could buy it directly from the manufacturers themselves. How much you earn is dependent on how much they buy each month. It’s a passive income sort of thing. The catch is that, in order to recruit people, you have to buy RM250 per month for yourself. Like a monthly Digi plan or something.

The speaker then proceeded to bombard us with testimonials on how well most of the people in the programme were doing. He himself had three grand apartment lots in Taiwan AND Malaysia. “It’s easy, and you’re helping people by introducing them to these great products!”

Needless to say, I was bored the fuck out of my mind. I had been out the whole day running around doing assignments and was bloody tired. I felt a little pissed at my friend for even considering asking me to join this sort of thing. She knew I disliked anything to do with asking people to join stuff.

Is it coz I don’t wanna be rich?Coz it sure as hell sounded like easy money, as long as you’re thick-skinned enough to keep hounding people to join.

Nah. It’s just that I. CAN’T. DO.THIS. SALES.SHIT.

The way some members were being rather condescending also pissed me off.

One lady claimed to know a colleague of mine. She said ‘You guys from X newspaper always have that smile.’

Me: What smile?

Lady: Oh.. idk how to say it. Some kind of smile. Like you’re happy.

Me: Uh.  (Does that mean that we’re plastering on fake smiles? Well, you’re right, coz I sure as shit don’t wanna be here and I’m smiling for the benefit of my friend and trying to be civil, coz it would be wrong to rage and start throwing stuff around, right?) ….. oh. hahaha.

Lady: … You look so tired. (fyi it was already 1 am by that time). Look at us! (Gestures to the rest of the members in the room) We’re way older than you and we’re so energetic. You must really try the supplements by this company, it works wonders.



When the talk ended, as usual, they ‘pushed for sales’ ie they asked me to sign up. I gave a lame excuse:  said I didn’t know if I needed RM250 worth of products every month and that I needed to ask my mum if she wanted to take supplements. When I told the lady who was talking to me that, her face changed immediately like I just told her she had dung under her nose. But she recovered really quickly and continued expounding onto me the ‘benefits of being a member’.


And you wonder why I hate doing sales.

We finally left, and you could tell the relief that was radiating from me in waves. My friend asked me in the car if I wanted to sign up (I could tell she was torn between wanting to get a sales and not going past my limit) but I said I was sleepy and we could talk about it tomorrow.

Welp. I told her today that I didn’t want it. Why? Coz I don’t do sales and this sort of thing is better if you’re a person with a wide network anyway. I don’t have many rich friends who would consistently buy that much worth of products every month, and if I have to buy RM250 every month, wouldn’t I be at a loss?

Yeah. I know. This is why I’ll never be rich.

But you know what?

I’m fine with that.

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