Happy Anniversary – 8 Years on WordPress

WordPress reminded me today that it has been eight years since I started blogging on this platform.

Eight, long years.

If you counted my time on Blogspot and Xanga (I started blogging in 2009), then it would be a whole decade.

8 years is a long time. I graduated from university and joined the work force eight years ago. Changed several jobs. Made new friends, dropped old ones. Battled depression and anxiety. Travelled. Loved. Lost. Had four relationships. (The funny thing is that none of them lasted as long as my blogging, lol).

I feel like I should be writing more since it’s a significant milestone and all (in my mind at least), but there really isn’t much to say. I’m not a person who writes super inspiring posts, nor am I a motivational writer of any kind. This blog is just me sharing my thoughts and things that interest me – it isn’t off the charts popular, I don’t earn money (I actually fork out money for it every year lol). I am continually surprised (and grateful) that some people actually read the stuff I write. I’ve made great friends through this platform, of which I’m very thankful for. And of course, it’s a nice reminder to know that I had the tenacity to keep at something for over a decade.

Of course, there will be days of shitty posts and uninspiring entries – but I think that if nothing else, I’m happy to know that I’ll always have a safe space for my writing, and that no one can take that away from me.

Unless, of course, I run out of money to fund the domain / hosting fees for this little hobby. lol.

Happy Anniversary!

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