Review: Marrybrown’s Fortune Burger (Why Didn’t I Try This Sooner?!)

Americans have their KFCs and McDonalds; Filipinos, their Jollibees. But here in Malaysia, Marrybrown stands proud as a homegrown contender. Founded in 1981 as the local answer to a burgeoning fast food industry, the brand has made a name for itself serving fried chicken and tasty burgers with a Malaysian twist.

I’ve always enjoyed Marrybrown’s fried chicken, which is juicy and has great flavour – but I haven’t had the chance to try out any of their burgers (because I always end up getting the chicken, haha!). The chain recently brought back their limited time only Fortune Burger for the Lunar New Year celebrations, so what better time to check it out?

Marrybrown’s Fortune Burger comes in two flavours: cheese ,and black pepper. The set includes crispy Golden Fortune Fries and a glass of Minute Maid orange juice.


I visited the branch in Puchong Prima. Service was slow as it took almost 25 minutes to get my burger. (when fast food isn’t fast.) The fries came first. They were thin cut and very crispy. In terms of flavour, they were more akin to A&W’s curly fries, down to that salty, peppery taste. Good stuff. 


The burger finally arrived, and it did not disappoint.

Deceptive advertising is a pet peeve of mine, especially when it comes to food. I understand that it’s part and parcel of marketing, because there’s no way real food can look as attractive as they do in ads – but I also think there’s a limit to how big of a difference there should be between what’s advertised and the actual product.

Thankfully, Marrybrown’s Fortune Burger was a pleasant surprise: featuring a humongous battered and deep fried chicken thigh, drenched in black pepper sauce and a generous heaping of button mushrooms and onions, sandwiched between two fluffy sesame buns.

The Malaysian black pepper sauce has a very strong and distinctive taste, thanks to the region’s cultural influences and the liberal use of local spices: so you get stuff like oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic, galangal,  chillies etc. used as the sauce’s ingredients. The black pepper sauce on the Fortune Burger reminded me very much of the cheap but tasty chicken chops that they used to sell in high school – it had almost the exact same flavour. The chicken thigh was also fried to juicy perfection, and despite the copious amount of sauce, still retained a crispy exterior and juicy insides. In my personal opinion, it is way, WAY better than McDonald’s Prosperity Burger. 

The Fortune Burger started its run on January 13 so they’re probably going to take it off the menu very soon. Go try it out before it happens! Else, you’ll have to wait for the next year.

  • Price: RM15++
  • Satisfaction: worth way more

6 thoughts on “Review: Marrybrown’s Fortune Burger (Why Didn’t I Try This Sooner?!)

  1. The burger looks yummy! I’m gonna try to find a Marrybrown next time I visit Malaysia.

    Years ago when I was wandering in Jakarta, my friend took me to a branch of Klenger Burger. They have several branches and the one we visited was so crowded with people lining up for the take away. We ate on the spot and, wow, it was amazing. Unlike the dry burgers of chain fast food restaurants, the burger was so juicy, the buns were soft and fresh and I had to always be ready with a sheet of napkin 😀

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    1. I hope you get to try it ! People find it funny when I look for fast food while travelling (they go like ‘you went all the way to XX and you ate burgers!? lol). But I think local fast food chains have something unique to offer; even McDonalds Malaysia has Malaysia-only items on their menu that you can’t find elsewhere. I’ve never heard of Klenger Burger, but I’ll look out for it if I’m visiting Jakarta. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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      1. So true! Good for business I guess, adding some local touch on the menu; a statement of being a part of the culture. I don’t know whether or not they still have it, but around a year ago McDonalds Indonesia served a “nasi uduk + fried chicken” package with “sambel.” A superb choice for a tropical breakfast. And, I hope you get to have a bite of Klenger Burger as well. 😀

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