30-Day Writing Challenge : Day 7 – A Neighbour

7. A Neighbour

I’ve had terrible luck with neighbours, but my current ones are by far the worst. They’ve moved in for half a year now, and in that span of time have:

  1. Constantly thrown garbage into the drain, causing blockage
  2. Parked their vehicles in front of our home, blocking our driveway. Also did so with other neighbours, and when requested to remove their vehicles, retorted with “tak boleh kah?” (what, so I can’t?) in a rude manner
  3. have threatened to hit my mother with a brick after she told them to remove the bricks which they left in front of our house after a massive wedding party (their tents were expanded to the front of our house, and two adjoining houses, blocking the entire road for 3 nights.) Following the incident, we lodged a police report for safety.
  4. have blasted music from their ugly, souped up cars such that the entire neighbourhood hears it, late at night.

Last night after midnight, they were setting off fireworks to celebrate some one’s birthday. Now fireworks are banned in Malaysia, but people usually turn a blind eye when it comes to festivals like Deepavali, Chinese New Year or Hari Raya.

Deepavali is long over, and it disturbs the neighbourhood peace, especially since these aren’t small crackers but the large, booming ones. Of course they don’t care if there are babies or the elderly sleeping, because if they don’t sleep, no one else can apparently.  You will forgive me for wishing that one explodes in their hand while they’re setting them off.

Since the threatening-to-hit-my-mom incident, we’ve installed CCTVs. The bad behaviour is not limited to when people are around, but also amongst themselves. The adult men of the household pee on the front porch (why they do this I have no idea, do they not have toilets in the house?) and the children, following this stellar example, pee at the grass separating the front of our homes.

There’s only one word for these people: a public menace.

Do they own the house? No. They’re renting it, and from the neighbourhood gossip, have been owing the owners several months in rental. (But the owner is probably too scared to kick them out, since they seem to be gangsters). They also recently bought a large screen LCD TV.

What’s your neighbour from hell story?

2 thoughts on “30-Day Writing Challenge : Day 7 – A Neighbour

  1. What horrible neighbours, quite the nightmare I’d say. Hopefully the owner will get them to move soon. Our neighbourhood is very peaceful and so are our neighbours. I hardly ever see them actually!


    1. Yes! We’ve had pretty bad luck with neighbours. Fingers crossed that they’ll move soon; or at least not be such a nuisance. Thankfully the neighbours on the other side of our house are great people.

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